Mandatory euthanasia coming soon to California so that medical industry can harvest organs from everyone right before killing them

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In medical systems around the world, the hunt for viable, transplantable organs is on. The knowledgeable Jan Bollen of the Maastricht University Medical Centre points this out in two separate papers published this year in the American Journal of Transplantation and in the Journal of Medical Ethics. He suggested that the more “normalized” euthanasia becomes, the more the boundaries will be pushed for expediting organ harvesting.  

In Belgium, euthanasia rates have skyrocketed since it became legal in 2002. More and more people complying to be euthanized are opting to have their organs donated. Doctors are beginning to pressure patients into euthanasia, requesting that their viable organs be donated. Family members may pressure a loved one to follow through with euthanasia if their quality of life is determined to never be the same.

Bollen writes about the worrisome state of euthanasia today and how the hunt for viable organs is pressuring patients to end their lives: “The patient needs to be hospitalised when the physician administers the euthanasia drugs, facilitating optimal organ recovery and optimising transplantation success of these organs.

“The patient’s relatives are informed that they should say goodbye to their beloved person before the euthanasia drugs are being administered, since the time between death and organ donation should be minimised.

“More important, after the physician has determined death, the [profitable] patient has to be transported to the operating room immediately.” [emphasis added]

Medical industry to begin harvesting organs from living patients’ right before killing them?

As medical systems expedite the process of organ harvesting to make better use of all the working parts of euthanized patient’s, there is a possibility that surgeons may begin harvesting organs from patients right before they kill them. Doctors have a set amount of time before the organs are no longer viable. Hearts and lungs are the most vulnerable. By harvesting them before the person is killed, they would have more time to save organs for immediate transplant. Jan Bollen brings up the morbid possibility of this in his most recent papers.

The process would likely begin with anaesthetizing the patient and then removing their organs, one by bone, while they are still alive, until the heart is removed. At that point, the person would be pronounced dead. Using this macabre procedure, hospital systems could transplant more hearts and lungs to dying patients waiting for a transplant.

“The trend is deeply worrying,” said anti-euthanasia campaigner Alex Carlile. “The pressure to agree to provide a transplantable heart, lung or liver might be huge,” he continued, warning that a stroke patient could be easily persuaded to give up their life on the operating table, complying to a physician-assisted suicide so that optimal organ harvesting opportunities can commence.

“The evidence of protection of the vulnerable in Belgium and Holland is sketchy at best. The boundaries of euthanasia are pushed yet further back and the potential for doctors to ‘engineer’ these events grows. We have cause to fear such developments and the ethical ambiguity that has been used to justify them,” said Carlile.

California headed down a dangerous, destructive path

The emergence of California’s physician-assisted suicide bill and the recent passage of the state’s forced vaccination law raise many questions. Is mandatory euthanasia coming to California in the near future? The state is headed down a very dangerous, destructive path as the state continues to abandon patients’ informed consent for using drugs and medical procedures.

The medical system to which many now pledge allegiance prioritizes the value of a person’s organs over their actual life and liberty. That’s obviously the case at Planned Parenthood, where women are told that they have a choice, only to have their unborn child’s organs meticulously removed and sold to biotechnology firms for medical research.

As euthanasia becomes legal and accepted shamelessly, doctors are starting to push the boundaries, pressuring patients into ending their own lives. In Belgium, euthanasia is now requested by patients who are depressed or lonely. One person, who suffered from a botched sex change surgery, wanted euthanasia because they didn’t like their body appearance. One 47-year-old patient wanted physician-assisted suicide because she struggled with tinnitus.

Doctors are either openly permitting or pressuring patients into giving up their life so the medical system can utilize whatever organs they want – liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, pancreas and so on. It’s like the patients are being moved along a conveyor belt as their dead body is picked through, giving others select access to their organs.

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7 thoughts on “Mandatory euthanasia coming soon to California so that medical industry can harvest organs from everyone right before killing them

  1. Organs can not be successfully harvested from a dead body.
    Even if it is within 4 minutes of death.
    The body must be alive.
    Do you really want to donate your organs and feel the pain without anesthesia?

    1. Bullwinkle…
      You are CORRECT..
      So many people do not realize, that in order to extract the organs, the patient MUST still be living.. Hence, the death blow is never by injuries or illness, but due to the harvesting of said organs.
      This is a fact, that is well documented since the early 80’s when I began my own studies. As there was a question back then, if the Death Certificate should reflect the “Cause of Death” due to Organ Harvesting or not? Of course, as we see, it was in time dismissed and the 2nd cause (Injury or Illness that brought the patient in to begin with) instead was put down as the “Cause of Death.”

    2. Yes he is right! The way they get around this is by getting the doctors to declare a person “Brain Dead”. Then some hospital administrator delivers the bad news to the family while convincing them to sign an organ donation document. That document is the death sentence because the moment they do sign the organs get chopped out… Pure evil and it’s all money driven.

  2. “I’m sorry miss, your 17 year old son died during his tonsillectomy. Following organ harvesting er, um, autopsy, what funeral home would you like us to notify.” Yep, sign that “Organ Donor” gig on your driver’s license! The Cremation Society will assist in disposing of any wrongdoing.

    1. I am and never have been a donor. I also refuse to be cremated, burried in a box or otherwise. My wife doesn’t seem willing to comply with my wish to be left in the woods or put in a raise tree platform so I guess I’ll have to go into the woods myself when it is time. I think giving away body parts or being stuffed like a deer and put in the ground is creepy and unnatural. what we came in with, we have for a reason. We were meant to go out with all of the same parts. I have never seen a disconnect plug on organs or body parts, we aren’t plug and play.

  3. I’ve already picked out my spot to spread my ashes on the land here.
    There is a rock formation here where there are old hawk nests.
    I’ve hiked up to them quite a few times.
    I want my ashes spread over them by my sons.
    I want my spirit to finally be free.
    As I watch the hawks fly in grace around here I marvel at their majestic beauty.
    I wish for my soul and spirit to ride the wind of mother nature and truly feel what it is to be free.
    Since I moved here…I made a pact with nature like the native americans to not kill unless infringed upon.
    I have…deer…packs of antelope..hawks..rabbits..gophers ..coyote
    mice… ranchers cows…but if they leave me alone I will leave them alone.
    Its hard to find balance in this world.
    But that doesn’t mean I won’t kill them if they infringe on my personal space.
    Just like humans.

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