Manhunt underway after four shot in Texas mall

Washington Examiner – by Zachary Halaschak

Authorities from Texas are searching for five people who opened fire on shoppers at a San Antonio mall, wounding four.

The shooting came exactly one week before Christmas, and investigators still do not have a motive. According to San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus, the victims included three males, ages 17, 26, and 41, and a 19-year-old woman. One of those who was shot is in critical condition. 

The shooting happened around 8:45 p.m. at South Park Mall, according to WOAI. Witnesses said the suspects began firing at mallgoers and then fled in a black Dodge Charger. McManus said responding officers found “shell casings all over the place.”

“It was barely inside the mall,” McManus said. “There’s a shallow breezeway on the far end of the entrance into the mall. It happened just inside that breezeway when the victims were just about to exit the inside of the mall.”

Bryan Reyna, who was at the mall during the shooting, said the scene was chaotic.

“I just saw everyone screaming, yelling, and crying,” he said. “Everybody started running out of Chili’s. They were just pushing everyone.”

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