Mansfield woman arrested for making lewd comments to Easter Bunny

Fox News 8

MANSFIELD, Ohio – A Mansfield woman was arrested Saturday afternoon after making lewd comments to an Easter Bunny at a carousel park in Mansfield.

Police report that they were called out to Richland Carrousel Park after receiving a complaint that  Ladonna Hughett, 54, appeared to be intoxicated while having her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. She allegedly made lewd comments to the Bunny and then began riding the carousel.  

Police say that Hughett showed common signs of intoxication including slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, an odor of alcohol on her breath and unsteadiness.

She was arrested for drunkenness and and taken to the Richland County jail.

Mansfield woman arrested for making lewd comments to Easter Bunny

2 thoughts on “Mansfield woman arrested for making lewd comments to Easter Bunny

  1. Other reports say it was The Easter Bunny’s fault. He was acting seductively and the woman got lured in. Seems he dangled a carrot in front of her that she couldn’t resist. At one point, The Bunny started flashing all others in the vicinity; they ran in horror and disgust. He was really being an egghead. So once again, this is a case of police arresting the wrong suspect. The Bunny got away free and clear. He’s been spotted heading toward Vegas.



  2. Lodohnna Hewitt…


    We need to party together girl.

    There’s a carousel in Vegas we can ride together at the mall.

    Then …after that…. we can get all liquored up and work the strip.

    Mugging Super Heroes in costume from Hollywood.

    I’ve seen Batman get his azz kicked.

    Google…Batman Vegas ass beat…etc…

    And whatever you do…

    Don’t laugh….

    Because batman got his azz kicked by a Mexican.

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