9 thoughts on “Many blessings on FullMoonDay

  1. Hate to crash the beautiful moon party.
    But yes..it is crystal clear here tonight.
    It’s going to be gorgeous. ….!!!!

    Plus…since I don’t have indoor plumbing.
    It’s one of the few nights I can bathe myself.

    Because when I turn into a werewolf at 12:00.
    I can lick my balls.

    Bada ching…!!!

  2. See I can be funny without using cuss words.
    I don’t want Henry and Laura to throw me in the moderation bin.
    It’s kinda of like online purgatory.
    Plus Henry will call you and see if you’re going to behave.
    Before he kills you on the site.
    Thank God for the bill of rights…!!!!

    1. OMG! You make me laugh so hard! I can’t quit!
      TY! TY! TY!
      That online purgatory, the Worst & dreading the call!
      Yes, Thank God!

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