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Huffington Post  Ray Crockett was recently charged more than $84,000 for what was supposed to be a $30 tank of gas. The ordeal left Crockett frozen out of his hopelessly overdrawn Citibank account and with a measly $100 Visa gift card from Mapco to get him through the weekend.

Citi has since credited Crockett’s account, according to ABC News. But the drama has all but subsided. A NewsChannel 5 investigation revealed at least 16 other Mapco customers have recently been hit with five-figure gas bills after visiting the gas station.

One woman, Nikki Johnson, pre-paid $22.47 for gas and a coffee drink but was charged $58,278.35; another customer paid for $10 worth of gas but ended up with $84,073.85 debited from his account, NewsChannel 5 reported.

Johnson’s boyfriend posted a picture of her bank statement on Reddit, where he expressed surprise the bank let the charge go through. According to the post, Johnson has a $3,000 daily limit on her debit card.

BP, the oil company behind Mapco, estimated that 16 customers have had similar problems being overcharged there in the last 10 days.

Reached for comment by NewsChannel 5, Mapco acknowledged an error in their debit card payment system at “a few” stores. They also released a more extensive statement, which you can read here.

11 thoughts on “Mapco Gas Station Debit Card Glitch Falsely Charges Outlandish Amounts For Gas Fill-Ups

  1. This is an update of the story I sent in the other day. My Goodness, 16 people in 10 days?! WOW! Cash is the way to go. However, not everyone who has to take a road trip can, or should, carry a lot of cash. Avoid Mapco, folks.

  2. With proffits like that a guy could live like a Romney after a few days proffit. GOT VACATION? Ha Ha Ha. Geez. Tempting but couldn`t. BP wouldn`t do any thing like that now though would they?, Naw they are squeaky spankin` clean now ain`t they now.,

        1. Yea Angel – NYC That B.P. could never pay for what they did to our beautiful waters around the world much less the gulf coast. they are sinners trying to get out of this with no remorse or conscious at all so it seem to me. I just better shut up now! You see, I am trying hard to clean up my language too NC when it come to things like that heathen B.P.

  3. An ‘honest mistake’, no doubt. Cash and carry. I never give them more cash than I need to, they never overcharge me for more gas than I can carry.

  4. Methinks that these are just staged propaganda stunts to intimidate and frighten people, so they don’t know what to do. Go to the ATM, for cash to pay for gas, and there will be an “inconvenient” incident there. Dazed and confused, that’s how the financial criminals want us.

    1. @Rob W. Dazed and confused Zeplin. WAR PIGS Black Sabbath. Child In Time Deep Purple I just Played these songs and all of a sudden we are having a thunder storm here in Wi. at 2:45 A.M. 7-18-12 hidden meaning maybe? God, I hope not.

  5. How does one go about putting 5 figures on a debit card?

    Does the bank conducting these transactions seriously expect us to believe these cards can be used for such a large purchase, equivalent to an entire house in some areas, offhand by anyone holding the card?

    And what average gas-buying American has a five figure amount in their Debit account? And it’s happening more than once?

    They don’t. Therefore all the transactions would have seriously overdrawn the accounts, and those transactions aren’t supposed to be possible.

    I once tried an experiment simply trying to get a $500 purchase from a debit card that had less than that in it, and it simply didn’t work. So, what’s the deal?

    How can an ordinary sundry purchase be processed for what may be 50 or 100x the amount in the account? What bank will allow this?

    Plus, if they could do it only 100 times or so, and keep the interest on the money for only a few months in a term deposit, they’d have a tidy sum.

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