Marijuana makes you smarter?

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It looks to me like one objective of the “globalists” is to keep people stupid and sedated.  If Afroman believes what he is saying then he definitely isn’t smoking the same weed that is selling in Canada.  I smoked regularly for about 15 years starting when I was 14, I haven’t smoked at all in over a year now.  I can tell you a couple things about weed:

-What is selling these days has more of a sedative effect than ever.  I stopped smoking because I didn’t like the effects I was getting from it – feeling brain dead and falling asleep.  

-Up until September 11 2001, there was a lot of imported weed in Ottawa from Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, and even California.  These days I would be surprised if there is anything imported, and it’s mostly grown by Hells Angels and Vietnamese organized crime groups.  The imported weed didn’t make you stupid or tired, it just made you feel nice.  Some people thought it was low-potency, the California and Mexican weed sure was, but I found the Jamaican weed to be stronger than what was grown here, just a different effect.

-Back when I was in high school I almost always smoked before class, I couldn’t sit through class otherwise because I was bored to death.  At one time (2001) I had a design & tech class right after lunch, the first 2-3 months was all drafting.  Nobody in my class understood anything, I was helping everyone sitting at my table and I got straight A’s.  It was all Jamaican weed I was smoking.

-Notice that you often hear in the news of people getting caught with weed but they never mention anything about it being laced with other drugs?  Not that the majority is, but often someone will invest a lot of money in either buying or growing a large quantity that turns out to be low quality.  The solution is to dust it with a few grams of cheap drugs like PCP or ketamine.  Most people don’t  know the difference, and the mentality of a lot of people when they smoke is to “get fucked up” so it satisfies them.  I can remember several times when I smoke weed that gave me some abnormal effects, one time me and two guys bought a gram and rolled 2 joints in my friend’s basement.  When we were done smoking, one guy got all nervous and left, the other guy was face down on the table, and I couldn’t get up out of my chair.  Those days were were all smoking like crazy, 2 joints was nothing.

-I have been to Jamaica 3 times and the weed was always nicer there, but the last time (2012) I noticed the biggest difference.  When I was smoking at home, I was tired, lazy, and couldn’t think straight so I was not smoking very often, mostly just in the evening.  When I was in Jamaica the weed actually seemed stronger – the first joint I smoked there that time I couldn’t even finish because I was too high – but it didn’t make me feel tired at all.  Since I came back I rarely smoked and when I did, I didn’t enjoy it.  These days it doesn’t interest me in the least bit.

The question is, what is the difference with the weed selling in Canada now compared to what it once was?  I have always heard that “this marijuana isn’t the same as the hippies smoked back in the 60s” and that kind of thing, but in other countries where they used the same growing methods they did back then there is top quality weed available just like back then.

Are they lacing Canadian weed with drugs, is it because of chemicals they use (it’s all indoor, mostly hydroponic – too many police helicopters with infrared these days), is it genetically modified?  The same time that the weed starts putting people to sleep (and it’s not just me) they start seriously considering, and in some instance actually implementing, legalization.  I repeat, I am not the only person who finds that the marijuana currently available in Canada makes them feel stupid, slow, and tired.  I have discussed this with many people, most of them agree with me but some love their weed too much to quit.  It doesn’t seem like the average potency has changed over the last 15-20 years, but the effect certainly has.

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7 thoughts on “Marijuana makes you smarter?

  1. I was in and out of jail for beating people up, found Marijuana, never went to jail again and went on to run the engineering for the most state of the art broadcast facilities in the world including the new PB Studios 🙂 without so much as a high School Diploma. Maybe weed is not for everyone. The notion that it’s stronger now than before is also rubbish. Access to more genetic variety maybe. The shatter is a real disappointment and over-hyped as well. I’d love to compare brainpans with Henry Makow after my 20 years of troubleshooting huge complexes of broadcast, studio, post production equipment and transmitters while smoking copious amounts of the finest herb available.

    1. Furthermore if one knows enough about this wonderful plant you can see hemp seed protein and 3D printers making the best food available in any flavor coming soon. Sorta like Star Trek replicators. Also the resin could be used to make anything with a 3D printer as well, strong as steel. Marijuana resin could probably bond powdered metal effectively enough to make arms. The uses are literally endless. Still not sure what this Makow guy is on about.

      1. Of course I’m one of those people Henry mentions that love it far too much to quit and will defend it at all costs and blindly lash out at anyone talking smack. “It makes me smarter, it makes me healthy, it keeps me out of jail”, etc…lol. What can I say? I love it!

    2. “The shatter is a real disappointment and over-hyped as well.”

      If it’s butane based, agreed. Co2 is much better & cleaner, but the newest ethanol based rocks.

      Ether based is best, but VERY hard to come by.

  2. Try some sativa dominate strains. Indica is too strong for you.
    Look into WHEN to harvest. I’m not going into details but if you harvest too early you will feel nervous and lethargic.
    Crime groups dont grow quality cannabis they grow to make money.

    1. Very true. I’ve got some Durban Poison that will boost Makows IQ to at least 100. People need to get past the smoking and onto the millions of other uses.

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