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Marine JAILED After Shooting Armed Home Invader

Gateway Pundit – by Brock Simmons

A Marine is behind bars for defending himself and his family from an armed thug.

It was an ordinary evening for Joey Nelson. He was at home with his fiance, their 3 week old child, and a couple of friends. Then, all of a sudden, they were startled by violent pounding on the front door, and someone trying to force their way in. Nelson grabbed his gun and told the thug to leave. That’s when things turned violent.  

According to Fox 2 Detroit:

Westland police say the man outside was 39-year-old Michael Wilson of Detroit.

“I don’t know (who he is), my son doesn’t know him, the owner of the home doesn’t know him,” said Steve Nelson.

Cracking the door frame Nelson’s family says Joey grabbed his gun and yelled for Wilson to leave.

“He opened up the door because he was standing here in the yard,” Steve Nelson said. “(Joey) told him to get off his property and at that time (Wilson) produced a gun and started shooting at my son.”

Nelson’s family says the young Marine was shot in the hip before calling 911 and telling everyone to get downstairs. Joey Nelson fired back at Wilson who they say took off as police arrived.

Although Joey Nelson is charged with several felonies, Michael Wilson is only charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

“This man out here in the front yard fired multiple shots into a house with multiple people inside and a 3-week-old baby simple and he’s (only) charged with concealing a weapon illegally?” asked Steve Nelson.

Michael Wilson, the criminal shooter who started the shootout. He is now considered the “victim” after shooting at Nelson and his family.

DetroitNews.com adds:

Officials said Wednesday the three people involved in the shooting — Kori Willhite, 24, of Garden City, Joseph Nelson, 28, of Westland, and Michael Wilson, 39, of Detroit — were arrested after the shooting, officials said.

Willhite has been charged in court with disguising her identification to police officer and possession of improper prescription drugs, both misdemeanors. A judge set her bond at $50,000 and scheduled her next court appearance for Tuesday.

Nelson has been charged with assault with intent to commit murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and felony firearm possession. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

A judge set his bond at $150,000 and scheduled his next court appearance for next week Thursday.

Wilson has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. 

A judge set Wilson’s bond at $5,000 and scheduled his next court appearance for next week Thursday.

You’ve read this right. You can show up at someone’s house, start shooting at the homeowner/renter, his fiance, baby, and friends, and only be charged with “carrying a concealed weapon” with a bail of $5,000.

But if you dare try to stop the person shooting at you, then you are charged with multiple felonies, face life in prison, and your bail is $150,000.

Furthermore, apparently “disguising” your identity to police and being in “possession of improper prescription drugs” is a greater crime than shooting at people.

According to the Wayne County jail inmate roster, Michael Wilson is not currently booked, possibly already out on his $5000 bail, while the original victim, Joseph Nelson, is still booked on his outrageous bail.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, the public official charging Nelson with felonies and giving Wilson a slap on the wrist

You can reach the Wayne County District Attorney Kym Worthy at (313) 224-5777.

You can reach Westland police chief Jeff Jedrusik at 734-722-9600.

Gateway Pundit

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14 Responses to Marine JAILED After Shooting Armed Home Invader

  1. Jamal says:

    I don’t even know what to say.

  2. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    This prosecutor needs to be investigated, this BITCH has her priorities all wrong.

    This marine should be given a key to the city, a 72 ounce ribeye, and a parade in his honor.


    • morris adams says:

      that’s exactly what they ”think” they want us to do. you’re right. someone shoulda killed that bitch on the way to her car. they ”think” they can get us riled up then CLAMP DOWN on us! they watch too many movies. in ALL EVERY dystopian apocalyptic movie, it’s always AFTER they’ve crushed the rebellion. they NEVER show how they crushed us, only that they did. that tells you all you need to know… they fukin don’t know how and CAN’T! we’ve got to start, soon.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    “….Joey Nelson fired back at Wilson who they say took off as police arrived….”

    This case is going to be decided by WHEN Nelson (the Marine) shot at Wilson (the thug)

    If he “took off as police arrived”, and was running away when Nelson shot at him, Nelson is screwed.

    You cannot get away with shooting someone in the back, and you never could. The supreme court ruling on the matter states that you “must be in imminent danger of death or severe bodily harm” before you can respond with deadly force, and if the guy you shoot is running away, that’s not the case. (that’s why the cops always say “I was in fear for my life”)

    • Enemy of the State says:

      Pigs shoot people in the back all the time
      They get 2 weeks paid vacation
      And usually a promotion when they get back

      So , what makes them any more richeous than us?

  4. mary in ND says:

    strategy: local elimination

  5. Bud Fox says:

    Looking at the prosecutor, I wonder what color Wilson the perp is….
    This crap is what’s gonna get folks riled up and things end badly.

  6. Angel-NYC says:

    There seems to be more to this story than we are being told…

    “Authorities charge 3 in Westland shooting”

    “Four arrested after shooting in Westland last weekend”

    “Marine 1 of 3 arrested after exchanging gunfire with man trying to barge into home”

    • Scott says:

      Interesting…..different stories.

    • Steve says:

      The police claim that this happened over a girl. No fact supports this.
      Nelson & Wilson had never met
      Wilson was never in the home
      Ward was outside the house when Wilson arrived
      There is no “another part of this story “ or something being withheld
      It’s this simple; stranger tried to break in the front door, homeowner prevents him from getting in by opening his door. Wilson shoots Nelson & leaves.

  7. flee says:

    Home invader JAILED after shooting armed marine.

    Sounds like Katrina.

    Sorry…that’s ancient history by today’s cabbage patch head cyber dope standards.

    • Steve says:

      Marine shot by armed intruder : update

      In early January active duty marine sergeant Joseph Nelson was in his home on January 5th with his fiance Amanda Smith is 3 week old baby another couple,Justin and Lisa. Corey Wilhite and Andre Ward. Wilhite has known the other people for several years Andrea Ward is meeting them for the first time.
      Facts from the police report:

      Ward leaves the residence around 10:45 p.m. and the rest of the people in the house as soon as she is left, she called for a ride from her boyfriend.

      Approximately 15 minutes later Wards boyfriend Michael Scott Wilson arrives. These are his own words as recorded by the officer-in-charge lead detective Torolski; Wilson stated he grabbed the tank from the front porch and pounding on the front door yelling let’s go. And Wilson’s own written statement; tank on the porch grab tank knock on the door.
      In Ward’s statement to the Westland Police” I was outside smoking when Mike arrived, Ward states Mike did not see her and not hard on the door and said what’s going on?”
      In Sargent Nelson’s statement to the officer-in-charge “Nelson stated an unknown person began banging on the door and when he opened it he was confronted by an unknown man”
      From Lisa’s written statement heard pounding on the door and then I heard Joe he’s been hit.
      Amanda’s statement on officer Gomez Amanda stated she was in the living room when an unknown subject knocked on her front door her boyfriend answered the door.
      From Justin to officer Gomez Justin stated he was sitting in the front living room when an unknown subject again banging on the door Joseph opened up the door.
      7 adult witness including the man who had no legal right to be there, who was carrying a concealed pistol illegally as he attempted an armed home invasion, at the door first.
      The door frame was completely broken consistent with and Wilson’s own words someone grabbing the tank and pounding on the door.
      Westland Police Sergeant Kenyon stated in his written account of the investigation of the scene I observed the front door jamb to be broken and it appeared fresh as a strike plate was laying on the ground with wood splinters. The broken strike plate and wood splinters were not collected as evidence.
      Sergeant Kenyon is 1 of eight officers on the scene to comment on the broken door.
      6 out of the 8 officers on scene made mention of a marijuana pipe found on the front table. Ownership was arbitrarily assigned to Sergeant Nelson even though he denied that was his.he was charged with a minor offense of violation of the health and safety code in addition to 6 felonies. Part of Sergeant Nelson Marine Duties are to administer the Battalion wide monthly random drug test. He is required to self administer a test as well. He has passed 19 drug test in a row for the Marine Corps.

      a fact in this case is Michael Scott Wilson tried to enter the home of marine sergeant Joseph Nelson by trying to break down the door and when confronted by Nelson, subsequently shot him and then continue to shoot into the house after Nelson had retreated.

      The Westland Police do not view this as a crime they say the crime first crime committed was when Sergeant Nelson exited his house and confronted Wilson.

      On 1-16-2018, 11 days after the original event a second statement was taken an off property Witness. The key components to charge Nelson come from that second statement to police Those key components are this the witness stated she was certain and Nelson fired at Wilson first she stated ,she did not see where Wilson got his gun, she stated Wilson trying to break into the home and she stated, she observed Wilson never made it to the front door before being confronted by Nelson. she continued to say Wilson fired into the home after Nelson had retreated and shut the door.
      The Westland Police failded to piece together the facts as stated by 7 Witnesses on the property of the event placing Wilson at the door trying to enter the home by breaking it down even ignoring Wilson own statement to them. Incompetence continues when the police Westland Police are unable to put the off property witness’s statement in the correct context, she obviously comes in late to the story. The first meeting between Sergeant Nelson and Wilson is when Wilson is at Nelson’s door and tries to gain entry to the home. Not as the police will have you believe that first confrontation is when Nelson comes out and challenges Wilson with his handgun.
      the police ignore existing Michigan Law that actually protect Sergeant Nelson Michigan compiled law section 780 .951 and section 7 80972 are Michigan’s version of the castle doctrine and self-defense laws. That law says if you are the victim I’ll make home invasion and you meet certain criteria deadly force is okay to use. Mr. Nelson was not committing a crime before the confrontation at the door with Wilson that’s one component, you have to be legally able to be where you’re at you have to truly believe your life is in danger or somebody else’s life is in danger or great bodily harm could ensue, that’s obvious here with the gunshot wound and the other participant can’t have the legal right to be there. Wilson does not have the legal right to be on Nelson’s property.
      The officer in charge Sergeant Toloski States these are the conclusions of his investigation , which lead to Nelson 6 felonies.The investigation revealed the crime scene was consistent with statements made by Wilson as his shell casings were recovered near the end of the driveway Street. This conclusion is reached by the police because Wilson said he shot four times, they found four shell casings,there were four shots into the home two in the door two in the window, he went home after the incident and removed two additional bullets from his weapon 4 + 2 is 6 the capacity of his weapon is 6. This was a fraudulent statement as it was being written. Sergeant Nelson was shot that’s five gunshots from Wilson that dispute what the police say is evidence. A fifth, 380 auto shell casing was recovered in March and turned over to the Westland Police. It was the same make as other shell casings already in evidence, from Wilson’s weapon.
      The second point that Toroski indicates his investigation revealed is “ subject Nelson had made on scene statements that were inconsistent with crime scene evidence.”
      This refers to the fact that the police evidence technicians could not locate Sergeant Nelsons 7,. 45 shell casings. The same time Wilson’s V 380 auto shell casing was located 7 45 caliber shell casings were found to the right Nelson front porch consistent with a hand firing a handgun from the door frame of the house.
      Conclusion number three; “subject Nelson made inconsistent statements with Witnesses in the home.” as reported by officer Janoavich; “ Nelson stated that they were sitting in their living room watching TV when someone began pounding very loudly on their front door he said he went to answer it he saw a white male with a shaved head when he got in him and shoot Nelson said he returned fire with his own gun.” Later in officer Janovich is report he States Corey Lisa and Justin all said basically the same as Nelson they were all sitting upstairs when somebody began pounding at the door they all said Nelson got up to answer the door and the next thing they knew shots were fired they all said they ran into the basement because they were scared.”
      Written statements by Amanda Lisa and Justin support those versions of events.

      Sergeant Nelson is scheduled to go to trial on November 7th 2018 facing 6 felony counts including attempted murder and various weapons charges.

      Michael Scott Wilson was given immunity and plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge and was given probation.

      The facts of this case are Wilson tried to commit a home invasion while illegally arms, shot the homeowner, who defended his friends and family, & retreated into his home, while Wilson continue to shoot into an occupied house with five adults and a 3 week old baby inside.

      The Westland Police have either conducted the most incompetent police investigation of all time or conspired the frame Master Sergeant Nelson with 6 felonies while protecting the real criminal in this story Michael Scott Wilson.They missed that Sergeant Nelson was shot , clearly showing Wilson shot more than four times. The physical evidence of the fifth 380 auto shell casing, seven .45 shell casings & then use their own incompetence against Sergeant Nelson. Additionally they missed the evidence from the front door clearly showing an attempted break-in, the strike plate and splinters on the ground. In fact they ignore the front door completely they claim the initial meeting between Nelson and Wilson is when Nelson leaves his home and discharges his firearm, based on a witness who gave conflicting statements both time she spoke with police. It is clear she saw what she saw but she did not start at the beginning is everyone else involved puts Wilson at the door and again in his own words I grabbed the tank and pounding on the door. That fact Wilson is committing an armed home invasion gives Sergeant Nelson protection undercurrent Michigan law which the police ignore, just like the fact that Wilson commit to Second crime and shooting Nelson and then commits a third crime when he shoots into an occupied dwelling.

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