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Marines Invade New Jersey Grammar School

Published on May 25, 2015 by NextNewsNetwork

NEW JERSEY | In a scene that could have been pulled from the movie Red Dawn, the Marines of Special-Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force-New York landed on the baseball diamond of the Orange Avenue School in New Jersey. And with parents and teachers in tow smiling students adorned military hardware and toured the weapons of war.

Clearly conditioning the public to accept a military presence when the collapse occurs, this public school landing was only one part of a larger annual East Coast domestic military exercise consisting of 1800 Marines, sailors, and Coast Guardsmen.

This exercise is currently underway adding New York and New Jersey to the list of active drills while Jade Helm 15 is still months away.

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Video credit DOD


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2 Responses to Marines Invade New Jersey Grammar School

  1. Susan a.k.a GrinNBarrett says:

    They haven’t got a clue of how they are being used. So sad.

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    “Good morning, children. Today’s lesson will be about how we should all revere and fear the police state, and how we’re simply powerless without them.”

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