2 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Biden Of Treason, Calls For His Impeachment

  1. When We the people restore our Republic, there will be NO MORE FEDERAL LAWS ANYMORE and NO Laws that Could ever violate our Peoples Laws of the BORs…….

    Enough of this fkn Government Criminal Charade, where these Three Branches of Government somehow are able to keep each other in check… All BS and All part of the Parliamentary White Wig BAR Maritime Mthrfkrs system of controls…All crafted within this Constitution construct and meant to enslave…..This Republican Hack Lady ain’t have NO POWER to do shit it is all done for the record and to appease some Cuntservatives……… fk um ….

    Bill of Rights/Common Law really put a thorn in their side didn’t it…?

    Just as they think they have finally got to the point of winning and lording over us again, all they have really done is Start another full circle War.

    The last thing they would expect at this point would be a Natural force du jour uprising in mass of armed Americans going full tilt everywhere and just wiping out with prejudice; all tyrants and their enforcers whom will stand in the way of us getting all the suits…

    Our biggest enemy right now is 1) Ourselves and 2) The Propaganda Media and Social Networks… I guess the only way to get the Triggers pulled is to Pull the triggers….


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