2 thoughts on “Mark Koernke on the American Militia

  1. Prepare yourself, start training NOW, Locate your local Militia. What this Bro-in-arms is speaking is truth. I have been studing the intel that has been coming out of DC in Memo form & documentations and if we don’t start looking after each other, and keeping everyone informed, and being vigilant by keeping our eye’s and ears opened, we will not keep our Freedom, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, muchless our weapons. The enemy is marching on, slowly but surely, when we least expect it, our homes will be evaded, and we along with our weapons will be removed and never heard from again, and IF they allow your family to survive, they will never see you again, and they will be left to fetch things on there own. Don’t allow this to happen. God Bless, and God Bless our Beloved United States of America.

  2. I’m scared too death to even buy anything of any real value in fear these assholes will only confiscate it. Forget about ever buying a house again. Those days are over.

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