Market Mayhem is Due to Truly Perfect Storm for 2019 Recession

The Great Recession

“The perfect storm” has become a cliché, but the current setup for a 2019 recession just became so text-book perfect in alignment of the three most critical recessionary forces that I have to use it.

Let me start by noting that a stock market that rallies because the news is bad — as happened a little over a week ago when we got a terrible new jobs number (only 75,000, less than half of the weak number economists expected and lower than what it takes just to keep up with population growth) — is a market that is locked in dependence on recovery-mode life support where everyone is happy just because the ambulance will soon be on its way … again. 

That market as well as the “recovery economy” built around it is destined to fail because you cannot sustain growth or build enduring wealth on the need for an endless flow of bad news to keep forcing central banks to create new money in order to keep goosing the marketplace along. It’s a stock market running on absurdity. The need for endless salvation is not the hallmark of health. However, the market’s codependency on the Fed is not the set-up I’m talking about. It is merely evidence that this soaring market is not a healthy market. (A tree blooms most, you know, just before it dies.)

It is, however, exactly the kind of stock market we have become used to because the market has become addicted to Fed support (I’ll call it “Fedaid”) over the past decade. Because this abnormality (in a broader historic context) has become the new norm, investors fail to realize that this time is greatly different because of three truly significant situations in its setup that I’ll lay out below. This time, bad news is the worst of news, but the market — because of its decade of Fed-addled memory — completely fails to see the storm that is arriving all around it right now. That kind of blindness can also be the setup for one hellacious crash.

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4 thoughts on “Market Mayhem is Due to Truly Perfect Storm for 2019 Recession

    1. Right Mary, “RECESSION” yeah right, that is a day at the beach, we are so far beyond that, the great depression now looks like a recession.

  1. One of the things I patently ignore is the stock market.

    Being a total sham to begin with, I can’t see any sense in worrying about that on top of everything else we’re facing these days.

  2. The stock market is an overvalued bubble worth half its purported value. The real recession is in the people and is a result of a continuing wealth gap fueled by Fed policy and allowing fraud on Wall Street to be rewarded rather than punished..its not a recession coming but a depression. People living in their cars or on the streets is not a recession.

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