Maryland Now Requires Fingerprint Identification to Purchase Gun

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The Maryland State Senate approved a gun control bill that severely restricts the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens. A fingerprint identifier is now required to purchase a gun as a deterrent from violent situations concerning firearms.

Senator Nathaniel J. McFadden said: “You can get a gun quicker than you can get an apple or an orange in my community. It’s an outrage, and we need to do something about it.”

Last month, Vice President Joe Biden recommended that “if you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun.”

Biden said he tells his wife, Jill Biden that “if there’s ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here–walk out, put that double barrel shot gun and fire two blasts outside the house — I promise you whoever is coming in … You don’t need an AR-15, it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use…Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!”

In Colorado, State Senator Greg Brophy and Governor John Hickenlooper are working together to make sure the citizens of the state do not have the right to own a shotgun for protection.

Brophy explains: “Hundreds of thousands of pheasant hunters are probably going to be carrying around a gun they won’t be able to replace after July 1 this year.”

The HB 1224 identifies that conversions that will allow a gun to accept more than 15 rounds is unacceptable.

On a recent episode of “Face the Nation” Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper asserted that universal background checks are of his state’s highest priority.

Hickenlooper said: “I think universal background checks are the highest of those three remaining. Just in the sense that we did 320,000 background checks through our gun dealers and gun shows in Colorado last year and of those we found — I mean, people say, ‘well criminals aren’t stupid, they’re not going to go through a background check,’ hey, what a surprise they are stupid, right? — so we intercepted over 1,000 felons with criminal records most of them violent: 600 burglars, 40 people who had either been accused or convicted of homicide, we issued arrest warrants for over 100 individuals because they signed up for the background check.”

Hickenlooper explained that mental health is extremely important in regard to gun control. A new mental health bill entitled, “Strengthening Colorado’s Mental Health System: A Plan to Safeguard All Coloradans,” outlines the statewide response to a mental health crisis with 5 state-government funded mental health clinics, specialized care centers and substance abuse centers will funnel mental health care records in real-time through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation by the authority of the Colorado State Judiciary system to control information relayed through firearm purchases.

Those background checks would be facilitated by Colorado InstaCheck.Hickenlooper supports HB 1224 that bans high capacity magazines; HB 1228which implements fee for universal background checks paid by gun owners;HB 1229 that requires universal background checks.

In New Hampshire, posters reading President Obama is the “firearms salesman of the year” and a combination of Stalin, Hitler Mao and Obama are accompanied by the caption “All Experts Agree, Gun Control Works” are up for public display at Collectable Arms & Ammo.

Keith Cox, store owners, says: “We like to have the creative storefronts which are sort of fun in one aspect and in another aspect if we have an opportunity to make a statement we’ll do that as well.” Cox explains that he is thanking Obama for fearing the public into purchasing guns, and that an armed public can protect themselves from tyranny. He says that he is exercising is right to free speech.

In South Dakota, State Senator Craig Tieszen has championed HB 1087 the “School Sentinel bill” (SSB) that would arm school teachers at the description of each individual school district. The SSB empowers school districts to hire armed guards to secure school campuses.

The bill has passed regardless of backlash from teachers and district representatives for not wanting to have guns in schools.

Tieszen said: “The possibility of an armed presence in any of our schools is a deterrent.”

Sandra Waltman, communications director and representative for government relations for the South Dakota Education Association (SDEA) asserts: “It’s one thing to have firearms training. It’s a completely different thing to be trained on how to handle those very difficult circumstances if they should arise. We believe that students should be taught by professional teachers, and we think they should be protected by professional law enforcement.”

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  1. “The claim and exercise of a Constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime.”

    “No state shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and attach a fee to it.”

    – Miller v. U.S., U.S. Supreme Court,[319 U.S. 105 (1943).]

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