3 thoughts on “Masked at work

  1. The “vaccine” manufacturers are exempt from lawsuits. I wouldn’t be surprised if those enforcing mask mandates are also granted immunity from all lawsuits. More and more cases of illnesses and other negative consequences of prolonged mask wearing are going to start rising since it’s already been over a year.

    1. Adults and children are dropping like flies, these tyrannical feces pinchers have many conned into thinking that there really is a Covid 19, and they wear these DEATH masks religiously, 24/7 it seems.

      I’m really concerned about the children, the goddamn traitor ass parents have them brainwashed.

      I ask this of our people, I have traveled maskless over 120,000 miles since this time last year, have visited over 144 cities while doing my job, have shook the hands of hundreds of our people across this country, WHY AM I NOT SICK?

      May a higher power help the stupid among us..

  2. The jewish covidocaust; remember all the key players with the exception of the Eritrean terrorist in the WHO are jews, is the largest hoax ever perpetrated on this planet; even larger than the holohoax. The Entity has done so much harm and mask murdered (sic) thousands. We can no longer rely on jew infected courts or on the jew trained policy enforcement units to help us. It is time we the human beings on this planet take back control and rid the Earth of this infernal, destructive pest and send it in an ark to the sun.

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