Mass Murder in Tucson Arizona

Six people were killed in a Safeway parking lot in Northwest Tucson, Arizona Saturday morning.  The dead were identified as Christina Taylor Greene age 9, Gabe Zimmerman age 30, Phyllis Scheck age 79, Dorothy Morris age 79, Dory Stoddard age 76, and John Roll age 63.  Mr. Roll was a federal judge.  In all twenty people were hit when a crazed gunman, Jared Lee Loughner, 22 year old white male, stepped up to a crowd and started firing at point blank range.

Among the wounded is Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was shot through the head and is presently in critical condition at University Hospital in Tucson where the most seriously wounded victims are being treated.  Christina Taylor Greene as previously noted was only nine years old.

Congresswoman Giffords was holding a “Congress on your Corner” event in a Safeway parking lot wherein constituents are invited to come forth and discuss their issues with their representative.  Any person not sickened by this senseless violence that unfolded Saturday would not seem human.

I personally was disgusted at the senseless loss of life.  But I tell you that no one’s life in this county is worth more than anyone else’s.  Every day in our inner cities men, women, and children are cut down by gunfire in drive-by shootings.  When these killings occur they are sparsely reported and those who perpetrate the crimes are rarely scrutinized past saying they were gang members.

Congress will shut down this week and the expected vote to repeal health care will not occur.  Rather than having congressional spending cut by 5% it will be drastically increased.  We are in effect going to see a C-Change in Washington D. C. on the scale of those which occurred after the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11.  There are already calls to disarm the American public and monitor what can and what cannot be said on the internet.  Sarah Palin is being attacked for her ads featuring gun scope cross hairs.

Again, when a man, woman, child, or eight or ten people consisting of a mix thereof are gunned down in the streets of Chicago it hardly makes the news.  But then again in the shootings in the inner city those being killed do not rate attention beyond that afforded to poor blacks, which is hardly any at all as there is not really a whole lot to be gained in becoming outraged over the killing of poor black folk.

This incident seems to be taking on all the generalizations as those associated with the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1993.  You have a young white man as the shooter.  What his motives were cannot seem to be ascertained, even though the event happened in a parking lot full of people.  When the first reports came out it was emphatically stated that the gunman shouted out a statement and started shooting.  Sunday it was being reported that the gunman either said nothing or said something and nobody is sure what it was.  You also have the notorious John Doe Number Two who is currently being sought for questioning.

In most police investigations in order the preserve the integrity of the evidence for a conviction, the police refuse to release full details of the event.  However in this instance, the issue of proving guilt cannot be used as an excuse for withholding information the public genuinely needs to see.  We need to understand this person before a bunch of legislation is passed that will affect our rights under the Constitution.

This was a Safeway store in Tucson, Arizona.  I will not believe there were not cameras surveilling the parking lot.  Some will say that the events are just too tragic for the common person to be allowed to observe them.

I say I must have watched Clay Duke being shot at the Panama City, Florida school board meeting a  hundred times over the past month.  The shooting there was caught on film because there was a news crew reporting on the event.  Remember, this was just a school board meeting.  The shooting in Tucson, Arizona was a public political event featuring a United States Congresswoman, which begs the question, where was the press?

Also, this occurred in a parking lot.  All present were not shot and nobody can say what the gunman shouted or even say for sure whether he shouted anything at all?

Why is what should be the most public of investigations being run like a CIA operation?  I will end this article with one last observation and then let the reader decide.  I have watched hours of the footage coming out of Tucson and there is one constant that cannot be denied.  Every face belongs to what appears to be a middle class white person.  In fact, in all the footage I have watched, one black gentleman sitting on the back of an ambulance is the only color I see.  I have been to Tucson, Arizona many times and to not see a Hispanic or black person among not only the crowds, but among all of the emergency workers has to be bordering on impossibility.

If you stand back and look at what is being presented on the mainstream media you can only come to one conclusion, white equals gun equals political extremist, equals white, equals anti-government, equals murdered judge, equals white, equals Tea Party, equals white Congresswoman shot in the head, equals white, equals militia, equals grass roots, equals white, equals fanatic, equals white, equals we need gun control, equals stop the white fanatics.

Before this week is over every person who is considered anti-unconstitutional government, anti-illegal immigration, anti-government corruption, pro-1st Amendment, and pro-2nd Amendment, hell pro-constitution will be the psycho murdering maniac Jared Lee Loughner.  And you can bet your sweet arse the powers in Washington D.C. are going to be pushing for the most draconian laws imaginable in an effort to make every American fear speaking out against the government.

I do not believe it is going to have the desired effect.  This is not Oklahoma City in 1993.  This is the United States in 2011 under internal communist attack.  I think most of us are passed fearing what the government or anybody else thinks about us.

Just to be clear my heart truly goes out to the families of the victims in the Tucson shooting.  But the actions of one demented psycho should not reflect upon anyone but him.  He did it, he is responsible and I have to believe there is no one in the patriot movement who would knowingly associate themselves with Jared Lee Loughner in any way.

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