Mass Unlawful Arrests and Incarcerations Across the united States of the Americas

The 4th Article for the Bill of Rights for the united States of the Americas, made ratified absolute superior law December 15, 1791, states: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.

The 5th Article states: No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of the law.

The 9th Article states: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

The 10th Article states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The Bill of Rights is law.  It is the supreme law of this land as it represents the people’s jurisdictional authority over every inch of the sovereign united States of the Americas.  And if there were a government under a true Constitution, it would be subservient to the people’s jurisdictional authority and would be operating by the people’s consent.

I do not have the authority to tell you to stay in your house, threatening that if you do not I will seize you and your property.  You do not have that authority over me.  Hence that authority could never be granted to any third party, as not only does it not exist, but is explicitly forbidden by the supreme ratified law of the sovereign individuals of the united States of the Americas.

These so called Shelter in Place orders are unlawful mass arrests of entire populations.  The populations are being incarcerated, that is seized, without any charge and without due process of the law, which makes these Shelter in Place orders unlawful and a crime and acts of treason and sedition against the people of the united States of the Americas as individuals and our law.

They are without authority.  They are arbitrary and capricious dictates, denying and disparaging absolute superior law.  They are unbinding to any individual free sovereign American national.  They are only enforceable via private corporate blackwater enforcers we have learned to call police.

No government was ever given the authority to arbitrarily police our people outside of our law and in violation of our law.

This is an act of war, openly declared by the unlawful corporate states upon every individual free sovereign national these unlawful orders have been issued to.

It is not only our right, it is our sacred duty, to engage the private corporate enforcers and quell this rebellion against the absolute authority of we the people by these corporate mafia criminals.

And hey, what about those constitutional sheriffs who said they would not enforce the unlawful red flag laws?  As has been shown in the aforementioned text, these executive dictates are every bit as unlawful as the red flag laws.  So do you think that these “constitution sheriffs” are going to refuse to participate in the crimes resulting from these unlawful orders?  Hell no!  To those 2nd Article constitutional sheriffs, their notion of resistance is exactly the sham we have told you it is all along, because they are not lawful sheriffs.  They work for unions and they too are blackwater private organizations, working for the private corporations, who have declared themselves the ruling aristocracy and have commenced their attempt at monarchial rule.

The people must stand and fight and destroy every single one of this unlawful aristocracy and its enforcers, or liberty cannot exist.  In fact anywhere at any time that any American national is complying with these unlawful monarchial dictates because of fear of punishment, the people’s ratified law and jurisdictional authority is absolutely usurped.  Cooperating in any way with this blatant lawlessness is complicity with treason and sedition.

So make your choice.  Chains on your knees or standing with a rifle in your hands.  We only have these rights because our true founders, and that is not the aristocracy of the colonies who hijacked a people’s uprising against those very same ruling elite and called it a revolution in 1776, then like now faced the decision of liberty or subjugation and without hesitation put liberty above life because a life in servitude, especially when the subjugated outnumber and outgun the aristocracy seeking to chain them, is no life at all.

Servitude and adherence to another’s will is misery and a slow death by a thousand cuts.

Step up and be Americans or may your grandchildren piss on your grave for being the cowards who would not fight because they would prefer an existence in misery rather than risk harm in securing liberty.

Make your choice.  Are you a man or are you a coward, because there is no gray area.  This is an open corporate rebellion against the authority of we the people and we more than have the means to crush it.  Now all we need is the backbone and balls to put down this blatant rebellion of a handful against the multitudes.

If we lose our freedom we lose it to cowardice and we will show we are not even man enough to defend our children and we will deserve to die miserably in bondage and for our grandchildren to look upon us with disgust as they fight with bottle rockets and stones, after we have surrendered the largest army to ever exist on this planet.

We the people, fight or get on your knees, that is your choice.

I know not course what others will take but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.  That is what a brave man who was one of our true founding fathers said because he put his liberty and that of his progeny above his life, which I’m sure he held precious within his own being.

The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

12 thoughts on “Mass Unlawful Arrests and Incarcerations Across the united States of the Americas

  1. Very well put Henry! I am armed and prepared to stand for liberty and truth. The truth of our ratified law, the bill of rights, will prevail! Lord willing.

  2. For anyone who has received the Truth and does not live it you don’t deserve it…love you Henry and all who emit the light of Truth

  3. .
    Oh Captain, My Captain…

    Thank you, dear Henry. A clear and precise directive.

    Last night I went to sleep with anxiety, but waking to read this so calmed me that I actually feel lifted.

    My gratitude cannot be fully expressed.


      1. Thank you, Mary, and hug to you! And it’s in defiance of those who currently would have us “social distancing” and not have us hug. They hate hugging; it shows we care about and enjoy each other. Love is one of the things that will have to go in their jooworldorder, until our victory, that is. Then, hugs all around!!



  4. We DO have the right to arrest and try, we also have the right to always have on hand a pre measured length of hemp rope, a platform with a trap door, and a stapler to fix eyelids ajar so as to have a good view of the action while facing a mirror whilst the drop.

  5. My fight as you all know started over 20 yrs ago with the dallas masonic mob- william joe hutson,-murderer, andrew montgomery- murderer/racketeer, rodney watson racketeer/gangstalker. I have stood up front row to the tyranny, and will continue to do so. They f@#$cked up when they murdered my daughter. I am locked/loaded. Ready to send a bunch of communists to hell where they belong. Thanks for your words of encouragement, Henry.

      1. IThanks Mary, you are a trooper. I read your posts and am glad to be in the trenches with you and all the others here.

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