Massive Militia/2nd Amendment Rally To Take Place At Virginia Capitol On January 20th

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Map of 2A Sanctuary Counties:

“We need 50,000+ gun owners to show up in Richmond on January 20th to support the 2nd Amendment and rally with the VCDL Page – Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. on the steps of the Capitol Building. RICHMOND IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS! Please Stand up and stop this NOW! Visit for more information about the Lobby Day Event. 8am to Lobby at the General Assembly and the Rally at 11am on the steps of the Capitol!”

“The state of Virginia’s government is trying to outlaw the militia, as well as other unconstitutional law. This event is to gather the Militias from across the nation to stand in defiance, for a formation, fly our American flag, states flags of the representative militias, and march in defiance into Richmond and stand as the militia at the capital building”

“Lobby for your rights and then join in for a rally on the steps of the Capitol. No experience necessary. Great experience. Make History! Park free in metered spaces due to holiday. Make plans now to attend.”

(Facebook links are events that estimate thousands will be attending)

Rally is being held by the Virginia Citizens Defense League:

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14 thoughts on “Massive Militia/2nd Amendment Rally To Take Place At Virginia Capitol On January 20th

  1. OMG, it’s Patriot Nurse!!!! Go Israel!! Well, we took her apart a year or two ago, as she yet calls us “citizens” and validates the very system (county) that suppresses us.

    Anyway, will those who show up bring a permission slip signed by mommy and daddy?

    But hey, the flag will be flying!! The war flag. Will it have the gold fringe?

    I wonder if this is them coaxing us out? I gotta listen again. This is one to watch.


    1. did he say, ”officially recognize the militia”?????? omg!! maybe they can find time to officially recognize dirt, air, red camaros, bananas, lizards, music and clothing. this is the dangerous part. they’re asking (begging actually) for acknowledgement of something that just IS!! isn’t the militia every able bodied man from 14-65? or 45.. I’ve heard it put that way. obviously, to me, it’s every single person who gives a shit.. but i digress! well, bad as i truly hate to say it, you know what the best thing that can happen on Jan 20 is? yep, for someone to get shot. either ”side”. doesn’t matter who; it’ll be blamed on some White Ring White Devil Terrrisss anti-govt MUHlitia Notsy anyway! it breaks my heart that true patriots with golden hearts and the purest of intentions are so goddamm naive and ignorant. there’s a line in a tv show i like.. one man tells another, ”you don’t even know what you don’t know”. and that’s where we’re at and that’s why 2mln patriots will die. on the bright side, the dummasses will lose a hunerd million.

  2. I’ll be watching for a video of her condemning the treasonous and seditious executive order Trump signed to ban the 1st Article on college campuses. No criticism of Israel.

    Think she’ll do one? After all, she said she’s sick of waking every morning to more rights being flushed down the toilet.

    Also, I wonder if she’d have mentioned the Gov. of VA making his announcement had it have been from a synagogue rather than a mosque.

  3. So, what are we going to do about the “neo-nazis” and the “kkk” when “they” show up at the rally? ….. We know for an absolute certainty that “they” will be trotted out as provocateurs, to pose for the mass media.

  4. The word militia is being used as a tactical word to stir the pot here.

    It’s a word that doesnt mean what it used to mean in many cases when used by these scum bags. They bend the words around to fit there needs.

    Here are some words that everybody understands, GO FK YOURSELVES!

    I mean let’s get real here, we never hear anybody talk about killing the 14th except Henry, and this too me is goddamn infuriating

    I am a 14th amendment killer… I will use my guns to kill it, GOT IT?!!

          1. You do realize we will likely be deemed unfit to fill their ranks, Mary.
            (trying not to laugh…)
            Maybe even sic some Tory militia on us… :0

          2. hope they come here in January 🙂

            they won’t find their bodies till Spring thaw 🙂

          3. hey Hal….. our links are still there!!! but no reply to them …a few ‘likes’ though

            dang she has over 200K hits

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