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We are in the midst of experiencing two of the most radical weeks in the history of the precious metals markets.  Paper prices for gold and silver, those prices determined by the fraudulently managed commodities exchanges (namely the COMEX and the London Bullion Marketing Association – LBMA) and regulated by the equally corrupt and complicit Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), have been driven into the basement.  

Simultaneously, the available physical supplies of precious metals, especially silver, have suddenly nearly disappeared.  Some of the most extreme shortages for silver in memory have caused premiums for all types of bullion and coins to skyrocket.  Nearly all major wholesalers in the United States, and for that matter the world, are completely out of stock for smaller denominated silver rounds and bars, with no projected delivery dates in sight.  This phenomenon is a worldwide event.

Here is a brief overview of the extraordinary world events highlighting the tremendous surge in precious metals demand.


Last week, the highly reputable Business Standard of India reported that there are “acute” shortages of gold in southern India.  Reports the Standard, “Major jewelry manufacturing centers in southern India are facing an acute shortage of gold ahead of the wedding season despite the industry’s claim to have seen a record import of the yellow metal last financial year.”


US ex-patriots living in Bangkok are reporting that gold dealers in that city are completely out of bullion products other than minor amounts of jewelry.  These reports are stating that there is not one ounce of gold bullion available for sale!   Dealers are taking orders but these are limited to 2.5 ounces per person.


Gold demand is surging.  China’s domestic gold consumption is outpacing its internal production 5.5 to 1.  China’s mining output was up 5.8% in 2011 but its domestic consumption of the yellow metal increased by 33%.

Hong Kong

Reports from Hong Kong have seen line-ups out the doors of precious metals dealers.  Dealers are reporting massive buying with almost zero selling.  Some dealers are reporting that they have sold more gold in one day than they normally do in three months with walk-up clients buying over a million dollars in gold with cash and taking it out the doors in gym bags!


Dutch Bank Shuts Down Gold Deliveries
Possible major shortages of its clients’ deliverable gold has forced Dutch megabank ABN Amro last month to dramatically change its custodian rules.  ABN Amro announced March 24th that it “will no longer allow physical delivery.”  Hysterically, ABN Amro account managers attempted to soothe their clients by saying, “You need to do nothing” as “we have your investments in precious metals.”

Major German Auto Manufacturer Hoarding Silver
It is being reported from Switzerland that a world famous German automaker is now resorting to storing thousands of pounds of .999 fine silver for perceived future shortages.  The company’s purchasing manager has been quoted saying, “For some metals, like silver, there’s no such thing ‘just in time’ delivery anymore.”   It has further been reported that this company is buying every available ounce it can in preparation for severe world shortages.

Switzerland to Buy a Stunning 1,000 Tons of Physical Gold?
A political movement inside Switzerland has acquired one hundred thousand signatures towards new legislation to eliminate future gold sales by the Swiss National Bank as well as to require the Swiss government to buy back immediately one thousand tons of gold that it already sold.  If this becomes law, it will have a significant impact on tightening world gold supplies.

United States

16% of US Annual Silver Production Vaporized in Mine Collapse
A massive landslide at Rio Tinto’s Kennecott mine in Utah, on April 12, 2013, has wiped out five million ounces of annual silver production and five hundred thousand ounces of gold production.  Taking into account that the US Treasury requires all US Eagles be manufactured exclusively with US mined gold and silver, the extreme shortages of these products can only increase.

US Mint Reports Massive Silver Sales
The US Mint reported that it has sold one 1.645 million ounces of Silver Eagles through the first six business days in April, bringing its 2013 total to an extraordinary 15.868 million ounces this year.  This is on pace to completely crush the current annual record.  Because of unprecedented demand, all dealers are on very tight allocations with almost all retailers as well as major wholesalers completely out of stock.  Earliest expected shipments are at least 4 – 6 weeks out!

US Mint Gold Sales Setting Monthly Records
In April 2012, the US Mint sold 20,000 ounces of gold bullion coins.  As of April 16th this year, the US Mint has sold over 50,000 ounces of gold and the month is only half over!!

Precious Metals Sell/Buy Ratio Going Hyperbolic
An unofficial but reputable survey of US bullion wholesalers is reporting a sales to buy ratio over 50 to 1.  There are no forecasts for this to ease any time soon.

Huge Wholesale Premium Increases
Unprecedented shortages in silver have resulted in huge premium increases for silver dealers at all levels.  Premiums for US Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs have jumped $1 in the last week.

Premiums for “junk silver” are completely off the charts.  It has been reported to us that buyers in areas such as northern New Jersey are paying an incredible $9 an ounce over spot for pre-1965 US silver coins.  As far as we know, this may be the highest in history.  Wholesale premiums for “junk silver” have risen 2,000 percent in the last six months.  Most importantly, there is almost none to be found anywhere.  Some dealers are taking orders with three months waiting time.

Zero Inventories at Major Private US Mints
Two of the largest silver bullion fabricators in North America, A-Mark Precious Metals of Santa Monica, California, and the NTR Bullion Group of Dallas, Texas, have just notified their retail dealers that they have suspended sales of most of their silver products.  A-Mark has announced that it is ceasing taking orders for all its one ounce, ten ounce, and one hundred ounce rounds and bars.  There is no projected date for resumption of sales!

Retail Coin Stores Completely Out of New Stock
It is being reported to us that the majority of local retail coin dealers are entirely out of stock of any silver products.  Our unofficial surveys reveal almost no customers selling where buying requests are reaching a frenzied level.  The silver shortage situation is fast approaching the extreme level currently experienced in ammunition sales.  Basically, neither can be found!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is becoming patently obvious that world citizens are waking up fast to the inherent risks of fractional reserve private central banking, and the extreme threat that burgeoning government debt means for them.  Wise people everywhere are no longer looking for yield but are seeking safety in ever increasing numbers.  And, they are looking for it hard and fast.  What they are finding is the ultimate safety for wealth protection, namely, gold and silver.

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4 thoughts on “Massive Run on Gold and Silver


  2. What we see here is a world-wide run on metals at a time when normal investing strategy would dissuade people from buying the stuff at all. In normal times this would look like another economic “bubble” popping, and people would shy away from buying the stuff just as they wouldn’t buy a house when the real estate bubble popped.

    Instead we see swarms of people trying to grab all the gold they can, when the price is still quadruple what it was less than a decade ago. These people are obviously not believing anything they hear from the Zionist media, which means they’re on our side, or will be soon.

  3. As I said a few days ago, I think the ultimate source of this run on metals is the Cyprus confiscation which tipped off the whole world that the banks were ready to confiscate our digital fiat accounts. I know I personally pulled a large amount out of one bank on the Monday after the Friday Cyprus announcement, and my UPS driver told me that another person on his route said the same thing. Because of the internet, this swept around the world in a matter of hours.

    Desperate bankers, trying to halt a global run out of fiat and into metals, then tried to stop the run by collapsing the price of metals with paper to scare off buyers. That has now backfired and turned into an epic fail, exposing the paper market fraud and stampeding people into physical.

    BTW, when I was pulling more fiat out of a bank yesterday, and making small talk with the clerk at the same time as trying to educate her a little about what was going on, she said she wasn’t aware that there was such a thing as “paper” PM. She also admitted that she didn’t have any interest in economics or money mechanics and that what she did at the bank was just handling a “product”. I realized that at the level of staff we customers normally deal with at banks, we can have no more expectation that they will have an interest in money matters than we could expect slaughterhouse workers to have an interest in biology or anatomy.

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