Maui Illegal Roadblocks

Below is a statement from the Maui Police Department regarding the roadblocks:

“We would like the community to know when you encounter a roadblock, please wait and follow the on scene officers instructions. Be prepared to have your driver’s license, registration and valid insurance. The wait may be long because there are a lot of people still on the road that should not be.” 

Now please be prepared to hold your driver’s license, registration and insurance in a manner so that the Police Officer and/or Guardsman can clearly see the name and expiration dates without touching your documents,” the statement read.

Check out the picture in the above link. The Police are so proud of themselves and throwing Shakas too! Unbelievable! Missing from this picture is the NATIONAL GUARD who are also stationed at the roadblocks. And “Hold your documents in a manner so they can see the information without touching your documents”……..How close do they need to be in order to do that? 6 ft? Can they see it from 6 feet away?

Personal note:

My daughter and her boyfriend were returning from town Saturday and were stopped at a roadblock on the Haleakala Highway heading Upcountry by the NATIONAL GUARD and Maui Police. They both were told to hand over their ID’s, reminded that Maui is under “stay-at-home-orders”, and asked where they were going. Completely illegal for them to be stopped like this, let alone asked to hand over ID’s. They were allowed to be on their way, but had they refused to turn over the ID’s, I wonder what then? And why ask for the passenger’s ID?

Is anyone else going through this or are we a test case?

One thought on “Maui Illegal Roadblocks

  1. South eastern PA(26mi NW Phila) and haven’t encountered that here…yet.

    But this isn’t martial law and they’re all keeping their “oaths”…right?

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