Maui Update

Maui is on the leading edge of martial law in the country! I’m sure our Mayor and Governor are foaming at the mouth with all this power. My now unemployed son filed for unemployment 3 weeks ago, along with the other 200,000+ claims filed in the last 3 weeks. As far as we know, no one has gotten any unemployment yet. Does the State even have the $$$? Or did they spend it on drones, masks, and government payoffs? 

Hawaii Travel update:

If you land in Hawaii, you will be greeted by the National Guard, who will then take your temperature and check your forms. If you have a fever, you are sent for “additional screening”. You must have a destination on your forms. If you are a resident, you must quarantine for 14 days at home. If you are a visitor with no confirmed destination, you are sent back to the mainland, at the state’s expense. Maui has sent 2 people back to Calif so far.

Supplies update:

At Walmart, still no thread to be found. There was no flour, no yeast, but the bread aisle was fully stocked. We don’t eat bread, but I found it curious that you can buy all the bread you want but there are no supplies to make your own. Maybe everyone is baking?

5 thoughts on “Maui Update

  1. I cant imagine being quarantined in a place as beautiful as Maui. I’m sure the locals are laughing at all this..

  2. The problem with island living is distance from the mainland. The more the distance, the more the problems. Nearly as confining as a cruise ship, but without the mobility.
    Just sayin’, it might suck real bad there soon enough. 🙁

  3. When the crooks start their rationing psyop I will be able to use ‘their’ bread and milk as barter items… 🙂 see? always a bright side to enslavement (stated with anger, disgust and hatred)

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