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Haven’t emailed you any Maui updates in a while. I’ve been so thoroughly disgusted with the whole situation here.

The Maui Mayor opened the beaches a few weeks ago, then last week BANNED UMBRELLAS at the beach! No tents, easy-ups, umbrellas, or shade structures of any kind allowed. I never go to the beach without my umbrella, so the beach is out for me.

I really believe this is because the umbrellas could block the overhead surveillance drones from identifying us. The Mayor argues that shade structures encourage large gatherings. Makes no sense. My umbrella covers 1 person, maybe 2 at most.

The Govoner lifted the inter-island 14-day quarantine last month, then last week reinstated it for travel to any island other than Oahu. So if I fly to Oahu, no quarantine, but coming back to Maui (or any other island) I have to quarantine for 14 days. Of course this is about the economy on Oahu being allowed to operate hotels, rental cars, shopping, dining, etc for inter-island travelers, but no other island is allowed to do the same.

The more this goes on the LESS SENSE the law-breakers, (I mean makers) make.

5 thoughts on “Maui update

  1. i carry a S&W 40 as my unbrella. it “covers” most situations like that. I’m not gonna cry too many tears for you being “stuck in Hawaii” .. but tyranny is tyranny no matter how nice the weather. i recommend you and everyone else do as you please and have a couple guys with long rifles standing watch.. you know.. for sharks.. just in case. it ain’t gonna get any better til we do. thanks for the update nonetheless. take care.

  2. I tend to agree with Morris, this is what it will come to. One way or another as the “enforcers” continue to follow ANY order they are given, regardless what it is.

    Anyone anywhere believe that given an order to confiscate all firearms, that it wouldn’t be followed?

    They think we are all sheep, and for the few of us wolves who will resist, we may take a few of them but they figure they’ll get us and then make hero’s out of their own.

    Everyone should pick their own time and places…. be it a beach or an inner city alley way, no matter.

    There are of course (excuse the pun) lines in the sand. I mean this systemically, “like mandating masks while driving” that will trigger a larger response, not from organized militia mind you (their waiting for us to die for them) But from a larger segment of pissed off folks.

    I guess at some point we switch from average Joe to Rambo, let’s hunt them harder then they are hunting us!

    “The enforcers of tyranny MUST bare the brunt of the people’s resistance to it”!

    1. “Anyone anywhere believe that given an order to confiscate all firearms, that it wouldn’t be followed?”

      This , right fukin here
      Is the direction this is all headed

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