May Your Chains Lie Gently America

They knew what they were doing obviously when after the civil war, they illegally …… ratified the 14th Amendment. The civil war had cost our JEWISH GOVERNMENT a bloody fortune, and by replacing the THE BILL OF RIGHTS with the “UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE” they began to set aside land in the form of “NATIONAL FORESTS” and “PARKS” to use as collateral for any loan they may desire from the kike bankers. 

Then around 1913 came the illegal … BANKING ACT, where the power of the American purse was delivered to a handful of unscrupulous BABYLONIANS that have the single aim of owning the world ….. in other words, to … “USURP GOD”…. these are definitely the children of Nimrod and Baal.

Their power lies in their dark ability to deceive. By the blackest of magic they kill, maim, steal, lie, murder, and destroy, under the guise of “FREEDOM OF RELIGION”. And as “THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE”, we have become a nation of wandering GOLEM with no purpose or direction, as they teach our children the bullshit of EVOLUTION and “GENDER IDENTITY”.

After this, the wicked began to form corporations to dodge the COMMON LAW that was put in place to recover from fraud and protect our rights. The corporation removed its individual responsibility by the UCC and fostered theft to a people taught to worship “MAMMON”. And as the knife twisted in the Soul of America, she began to bleed the putrid shit taught to her children, WHICH WAS: THOU SHALT WORSHIP THE JEW

After this, The devils children had made so much gain by loaning money in the CIVIL WAR, that war itself became the chief purveyor of that wealth. The children of BEELZEBUB began the programs of deceit that pulled us into WW1 and WW2, and all war since, by pure lies, sacrificing American blood for HEDONISM and MONEY.

They sent their own preachers into the churches, and just as they did in Rome, began to teach a twisted form of Christianity to the people, deceiving their hearts by “GOOD WORDS AND FAIR SPEECHES”.smiling in their faces as they RUMMAGED THROUGH THEIR POCKETS.

But that wasn’t enough. They wanted complete control. In churches they began stirring up people to vote in “BLUE LAWS” which were then used as an excuse to milk the public for “JUST ANOTHER SHEKEL OR TWO”. This became the basis for prohibition, giving them more control, and even though it was lifted, it became the foundation of “THE DRUG WAR”. So, the JEWS created monetary punishments for breaking “DRUG LAWS” all the while, flying those drugs in …….. even some hidden in the bodies of our fallen soldiers.


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