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May Your Chains Strangle You America

After I was taught the authority of the Bill of Rights, the importance of a common law, and how government was supposed to operate, I was placed in a different school, where instead of civics, we were taught “sociology”

It was here that I was taught that the people came from Europe fleeing “religious persecution.”  

Do you know what was on the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria and the Mayflower (to name a few)?      Babylonians pretending to be Christian. (Morannos) You might say,” prove it!!!!” Welllll…. Here ya go…..

“In Spain, (1485-90)a royal edict is issued by the nation’s Catholic rulers declaring that all Jews who refuse to convert to Christianity will be expelled from the country. Most Spanish Jews chose exile rather than the renunciation of their religion and culture, and the Spanish economy suffered with the loss of an important portion of its workforce. (LMAO!) Many Spanish Jews went to North Africa, the Netherlands, and AMERICA, where their skills, capital, and commercial connections were put to good use. Among those who chose conversion, some risked their lives by secretly practicing Judaism, while many sincere converts were nonetheless persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition Ended 1836.”……..The History Channel

The first thing the devils children did after stepping on American soil was to set up whiskey and rum making stills. Does that sound Christian to you? Then by using their “indentured servants” (slaves) they began building ships to use that rum, by  trading it to power hungry ignorant African chieftains for slaves.

Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Black Foot were just some of the American slaves bought with that whiskey as well.

They infiltrated what few churches that would accept their bullshit and began to teach Babylonian mysticism, such as the “Shekinah Glory” and other such lies. They were successful in dividing the church into a thousand different denominations, to  keep them warring among themselves, all the while planning the overthrow of the American government through many machinations, using the “Freedom of Religion” clause in the First Article of the Bill of Rights as a shield.

The Bill of Rights was for them in any case……. Not for you …. you stupid goyim……….and by the way, if you want to know why FEMA needed all that cyanide gas, Hollywood  has already told you. Damn good movie too.

The Humanity Bureau

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  1. DL. says:

    Triangle Trade…yep when they talk about triangle trade they never mention the truths you did, Koyote. Christ, not religion.

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