McCain may support “rock star” Hillary in 2016

McCain_lovingly_HillarySeeing Red AZ

Opining that “rock star” Hillary Clinton did a “fine job” as secretary of state, Arizona’s disgrace John McCain says it would be a “tough choice” between supporting the liberal snake oil saleswoman who orchestrated the shameful Benghazi deception and conservative U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in 2016.

That statement should rankle every party stalwart who expects those who run as Republicans to act as Republicans as well as support the GOP Platform.    

McCain goes on to portray Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz — both of whom he previously described as “wacko birds” — as representing an obsolete “isolationist, America-Firsters” mindset element of the Republican Party. The Republican pretender McCain even takes potshots at America’s iconic President Ronald Reagan, sarcastically saying his presidency was “perfect, without ever a problem.”

Clearly the Maverick has forsaken any pretense of portraying himself as a Republican. As we noted here last week, McCain meets regularly with Barack Obama and his top advisors and has even expressed concern over helping the second term president in the legacy department. According to McCain, “The president of the United States, like all presidents in their second terms, looks at their legacy. And there are areas that we have worked on.”

A defeated presidential candidate, McCain is now taking orders from Obama, his former rival, as he joins sycophant Lindsey Graham traveling to Egypt at Obama’s instruction to urge the military, “hopefully including the Muslim Brotherhood,” to move ahead on new elections.

McCain would be wise to take heed to “wacko bird” Ted Cruz’ recent comment, “You lose 100 percent of the battles that you begin by surrendering.”

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