McCain says international forces should enter Syria

Al Arabiya

Reuters, Washington – A group of nations should get troops ready to invade Syria in order to secure possible stocks of chemical weapons, a senior U.S. senator said on Sunday.

Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, said U.S. troops should not go into Syria, but that an international force must “be ready operationally” to go in and prevent Islamic militants involved in Syria’s civil war from getting their hands on chemical weapons.  

“There are number of caches of these chemical weapons. They cannot fall into the hands of the jihadists,” McCain, who was the 2008 Republican presidential candidate and is an influential voice on military issues in the U.S. Senate, told NBC’s Meet The Press.

More than 70,000 people have died in Syria’s two-year-old civil war, and the White House said on Thursday the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad had probably used chemical weapons on a small scale in the conflict.

Syria denies using chemical weapons in the war.

The U.S. fears anti-Assad Islamist rebels affiliated to al-Qaeda could seize the chemical weapons, and Washington and its allies have discussed scenarios where tens of thousands of ground troops go into Syria if Assad’s government falls.

5 thoughts on “McCain says international forces should enter Syria

  1. I just want to remind you of what a COWARD John McCain really is …..
    Back in 2000, in South Carolina, the robocalls–and calls to local right-wing talk radio shows–were about John McCain’s “interracial child” and Cindy McCain’s drug addiction. They were a craven, disgusting tactic by the George W. Bush campaign. Bush did not just spit in McCain’s face, Bush spit all over McCain’s WIFE’S face.
    Instead of punching-out Bush,COWARD McCain groveled and supported Bush.
    Now McCain runs around wanting to start all sorts of WARS,
    I suggest McCrazy go finish HIS OWN WAR.
    His conduct gives credence to the numerous claims that McCain was a “JailHouse SNITCH” in Hanoi.

  2. no problem about ground troops. Buts lets start by having your son and daughter lead the way.

  3. “There are number of caches of these chemical weapons.

    Where is the evidence, where are the satellite images?

    Or is McCain pulling a Rumsfeld, “they are within the north, south, east and west of Syria”.

    People don’t just buy, “it’s there because we said so”, anymore.

  4. Right behind you all the way, McCain ol’ buddy.

    Not to worry, you lead the charge (literally, NOT figuratively speaking), and you can count on me to have your back. (figuratively speaking, NOT literally).


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