McConnell Ups Pelosi’s $10 Billion for Ukraine to $14 Billion – Where’s It All Going?

Gateway Pundit – by Joe Hoft

Earlier today it was reported that Pelosi wanted to give $10 billion to Ukraine.  This evening RINO Mitch McConnell decided to up that amount to $14 billion.  No one really knows where this money will actually go. 

We reported earlier that corrupt Speaker Pelosi wanted $10 billion for Ukraine.  The country is in shambles and is being taken over by Russia.  The government is basically not in charge but Pelosi wanted to give the country, whoever that may be, $10 billion.  This is more than all but a few hundred corporations make in a year in the US.  It is so much money to be going to where?  The past few years it appeared that the money to Ukraine went to US politicians and George Soros.

This evening the clown in the Senate agreed to give ‘Ukraine’ $14 billion.  Conservative Treehouse writes.

This is beyond ridiculous.   Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announces a $14 billion Ukraine aid package will come over from the House of Representatives inside a massive Joe Biden Ominbus spending bill, because there is no budget process being followed.

The Democrats know the Senate Republicans want to send Ukraine a bunch of money to continue funding the graft, kickback and payment schemes used by the Senate in order to enrich their donors and families.  So, Nancy Pelosi takes the massive Omnibus spending bill to fund the Biden agenda and inserts the $14 billion Ukraine package she knows the Republican Senators will vote for.

Here are the RINOs announcing their package.

We have no idea where all this money will go but we do know that it won’t save Ukraine from being taken over by Russia.  We know some politicians will be paid handsomely for this.  The Bidens, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Soros and the Clintons are all connected to money in Ukraine.

With a $30 trillion deficit, this is not good stewardship – it’s theft.

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One thought on “McConnell Ups Pelosi’s $10 Billion for Ukraine to $14 Billion – Where’s It All Going?

  1. Where’s it all going? I think you’re asking the wrong question.

    The real question is “Where are you getting all the money?”, as we have NONE!!!

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