McDonald Workers Picketing for Higher Wages

Employee protests at McDonald franchises are erupting around the country as the devaluation of our currency is making it more and more impossible to survive on the little that the jobs these establishments offer.  Of course the neo-con elite are stepping up in defense of the international franchises and their multi-billion dollar profits, saying that a job at McDonalds is not intended as a career choice to support a worker, but rather it is being said these are jobs for high school children at the entry level.

Hold the presses.  For the past thirty years, since the elitist Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and our industry began being shut down, we have been told that we are being moved into a service industry economy.  From the get go many argued that this assertion in reality was a cover for the destruction for our standard of living.

Thirty years ago Americans actually made a living working at restaurants.  Of course these were small businesses that depended on quality to sell their product.  And then came the franchises – international corporations that destroyed the home town restaurant.  These internationals use their massive wealth to destroy our free market.

McDonalds offered a bigger burger and fries on every corner so cheap that the local restaurant could not compete, as not only were the franchises superior in financing, but they were able to buy wholesale products in huge lots at a discount.

Of course once the small businesses were run out of town, we found ourselves paying the same for a small burger and fries of the lowest quality that we used to pay for a superior product at the home town restaurant, which gainfully employed our fellow Americans.  Our once nice restaurants have been replaced by fast food, which is nothing more than garbage.

McDonalds netted $5.503 billion in 2011 as those working for the franchise saw the buying power of the few dollars they were making diminish to the point that even with their food stamp subsidies they were finding it hard to survive.

Make no mistake, that $5.503 billion was subsidized by US taxpayers as the McDonalds employees could not have made such a gross profit for the franchise without the food stamp subsidies.  Now it has reached the point that either the taxpayer subsidy must go up, or McDonalds needs to pay more because the worker simply can’t exist on the pitiful amount they are being paid.

To turn public opinion against these service industry employees, the assertion is being put forth that the only way these workers can be paid more is if McDonalds raises its prices because God knows it would be completely out of the question to think the investors in McDonalds should give up one dollar of the billions in their profit dividends to pay their workers more.

So we traded our industrial base, which supported living wage jobs to those who fed us, for a service based economy with nothing to support it but foreign investment in evermore inferior products as a catalyst to our ever dwindling standard of living across the board.

Of course the powers that be have and have always had our best interests at heart…..not.

8 thoughts on “McDonald Workers Picketing for Higher Wages

  1. so all of the adult managers and assistants should walk out and let high school kids do the job…….then where would micky d’s be?

    1. High school workers?

      Not where I live. The vast majority are illegal aliens. Half of them can barely speak English.

      p.s and that was years ago, when I stopped eating that trash.

      1. Illegals and high school students working at McDonalds? Screw that! I have senior citizens working at McDonalds where I live because they can’t afford the cost of living anymore and need an extra low set of income to survive. Talk about the competition.

  2. Let’s not forget that the garbage that McDonalds sells as “food” is another tool that the elite use to help eliminate the “excess population”.

    1. It would be great to see one of those fast food comercials on MSM to show just how their food is made – like say their Chicken Mc. Nuggets and all that other crap Mc Donalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Taco Johns, etc. etc. Gross stuff people put in their mouths! Really gross, LOL.

  3. Got some friends who work for mcdonalds and its alot of shit to deal with from their crappy corporate… Guess people are tired of dealing with shit and not getting a decent wage.

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