Mealworms for dinner? EU approves first insect food

Jan 13, 2021
Mealworms may soon be found on dinner tables in Europe,…as they became the first insect to be approved as a human food. On Wednesday, the European Food Safety Agency concluded that yellow beetle larvae is safe to eat,… whole or dried. High in protein, mealworms can also be used in a variety of dishes. “In this specific safety evaluation for yellow mealworm, we saw that the proposed usage includes in this novel food the ingredient for making biscuits, pasta, some legume-based dishes, some energy bars…” The delicacy is already being enjoyed in parts of the world, including Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Experts believe this could potentially be a sustainable and low carbon-emission source of food for the future.

5 thoughts on “Mealworms for dinner? EU approves first insect food

  1. Enjoyed, eh? Tell that to the Namib Bushmen hired by the apartheid SA government in the 80s and 90s to track the footprints of SWAPO, the “terrorist” group of what was then Southwest Africa, who were “paid” in (for one thing) “meals” of “mealworms” (they called it “meali-meal”) according to a documentary on click-speaking Bushmen “tracking” SWAPO. The Bushmen hated it! The title had the name !Nai in it (the exclamation point denotes the click consonant).

  2. I saw a video by Amazing Polly a couple of months ago in which she said these foods are not being called insects, worms, bugs etc. They’re calling it micro-livestock, by people who will presumably never eat it. And approving these foods is probably the first step to them adding it to foods before we know about it, like they did with GMO. Chances are we will have eaten a lot of it before we get to hear about it.

  3. Is “plant-based-meat” actually mental patients in a vegetative state, culled and ground for consumption?
    They no longer have to be honest, just clever.

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