Media CAUGHT RED HANDED using mannequin during coronavirus report

The American Debt Slave

Apr 4, 2020

Why would they need to use a doll if everyone is sick! This is Why we question what they tell us! We are going into tyranny and everyone is just agreeing with it. Spread the word!
(editors note: Seems that this mirrored video has a separate audio, maybe someone trolling on us who are asking questions? People are commenting that its a training video dubbed over. I can dig that. But all the numbers and empty hospitals don’t add up. Maybe the Military really are about to rescue the children from the underground tunnels *EYE ROLL)

*these are just my observations and opinions about whats going on on the internet, Love you all, and don’t turn in your neighbors for enjoying their first amendment and walking outside, we all didn’t just come down with a virus all the sudden, its not airborne, don’t believe the TV, LIVE FREE

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