Media Matters Works With Big Government To Attack The Free Press..

90 Miles from Tyranny

One of the core tenets of a free press is to serve as a watchdog of government and to hold them accountable for their actions, misdeeds and lawlessness. Apparently Media Matters does not hold to these truths to be self evident as they coordinate with government to attack and disparage the free press.

What are we to make of media organizations when they are the willing tools of tyranny? In the case of Media Matters, they are not a news organization as they attempt to portray themselves. Media Matters is a far left wing anti-free press organization intent on suppressing the free press, they are the propaganda ministry of the far left whose mission it is to suppress and attack all who wish to report and expose the malicious intent of leftist government and the shredding of the U.S. Constitution.  

Media Matters is a sickness, a malignant colonic tumor that has embedded itself into the bowels free society, spreading its necrotic tendrils into the arena of free ideas in order to strangle all who speak against the misdeeds of destructive, leftist, big government policies.

As government subverts the constitution, uses government agencies to attack its political foes, pleads the fifth amendment in inquiries, illegally destroys and shreds critical documents, allows Americans to die for their own perceived political benefit, seizes freedom and rights from its citizens, fails to protect american borders and citizens, treats veterans as second class citizens, and lies, cheats and steals from hard working Americans, what does Media Matters attack? Those who would attempt to expose this tyranny, this lawlessness; the criminal behavior and actions of the current administration.

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