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Meet The Person Who Can Remotely Crash Planes And Can Read Your Mind

Americans for Innovation

Most computer engineers have no idea how the IEEE 802.3 data transmission Ethernet standard was developed (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). We have just discovered that it was shoved down our throats by Deep State shadow government forces intent on controlling the Internet as a global spy grid and corporatist profit machine. Richard C. Walker a.k.a Rick Walker was a stooge for Agilent Technologies who was evidently tapped by the Highlands Group to seize control of technology standards needed for the takeover. This post contains hard, indictable evidence that proves the identities of the corporatists involved with HP/Agilent, including 3Com, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Cisco, IBM, Sun, Intel, NTT (Japan Telephone), Cielo, Quake, nSerial, Nortel, World Wide Packets. See Jul. 10, 2000 IEEE meeting slides where Walker’s pushes standards proposed on Mar. 06, 2000—the same day he filed for a patent (became U.S. Pat. No. 6,718,491) on the same slidesMindspring engineer Roy Bynumcomplained that Walker was railroading the standard. Of course, after filing his patent, Walker had a vested interest in having it become the IEEE standard for data transmission. It did, to this day.

Patents last for 20 years from the time they are filed. Walker assigned it to HP/Agilent Technologies. Then inexplicably, on Jun. 24, 2013, the Patent Office allowed an almost identical patent U.S. Pat. No. 9,451,057 on the 802.3 Ethernet standard by a subsidiary of Marvell International, Ltd. thru inventor Brett A. McClellan, a Bahamian corporation with offices in Colorado.The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) overrode the Examiner Eric A. Myers (Art Unit 2474) who had ruled that Marvell’s filing was doubly unpatenable as being essentially a copy of Walker’s earlier dubious Ethernet patents. Walker filed eleven (11) patents assigned to Hewlett-Packard and fourteen (14) assigned toAgilent Technologies, Inc. The PTAB overruled Examiner Myers and awarded it to McClellan/Marvell anyway, void of substantive reasons, the PTAB (secret three-judge internal patent court) magically accepted ALL of Marvell’s previously rejected novelty arguments. Therefore, Marvell’s value appears to be fraudulent, yet they claim control of the 802.3 Ethernet standard driving all Internet data transmission. This evident corruption in the U.S. Patent Office shows it has become nothing but a rubber stamp for corporatists, and not a protector of American inventors.




(JAN. 11, 2017)—What AFI and American Intelligence Media (AIM) researchers have just discovered is breathtaking, disgusting, astounding and monstrous. It is also shocking how far along the plan is. Amazingly, the Deep State shadow government, in its evident hubris, has fully disclosed their diabolical technology scheme for “The Internet of Things” in writing.

The patent actually says that their plan is to identify, tag, track and control literally everything on the planet. Their unquestioned plan is to embed micro-electronic control devices, either surgically or by injection, in every human being on the planet. To them, it’s all about “management of the world’s resources” including you. Walker Patent No. 6,965,816 Col. 118, Lns. 53-54.

Read the rest here: https://americans4innovation.blogspot.jp/2018/01/meet-geek-who-can-remotely-crash-planes.html

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5 Responses to Meet The Person Who Can Remotely Crash Planes And Can Read Your Mind

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “The patent actually says that their plan is to identify, tag, track and control literally everything on the planet.”

    And this surprises you?

    News flash: Trenchers have known this for years.

  2. flee says:

    This tickled my old brain.

    If you look at the Ethernet protocol.

    You’ll see that life in a sense with its structure and conformity is set by this protocol.

    Application layer.
    Security layer…
    etc.. if you look it up.
    Ethernet Protocol.

    But in a esoteric view….

    Look up Ether.

    In a sense… it is invisible.

    But make no mistake.

    There is a physical unseen hierarchy that is real.

  3. JoeSTP says:

    Wow, all of this was released right after 911, I read countless stories on it!

  4. DL. says:

    So this dude is the Rothschild of technology and the Monsatan of food, eh? Too bad for him he’s not God (even if he thinks he is)…oh well, better luck next time… Patents Schmatents. And don’t bother converting to Talmudic Judaism, because that won’t save you either.

  5. Peter says:

    Google The Mother of all Black Ops. Fall down the rabbit hole…James F. Marino….Soul Catcher- The Matrix Deciphered Dr. Robert Duncan… The Saint….EEG Heterodyning and acronym TAMI. Thought Amplifier and Mind Interface…goes back to 1976. No surgery or implant required….It’s a very very long read but seems important.

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