Meet the climate activists deflating tires to stop SUV ownership

Jun 20, 2022 They call themselves “The Tyre Extinguishers” and say they have one aim: to make it impossible to own a 4×4 in the world’s urban areas.

2 thoughts on “Meet the climate activists deflating tires to stop SUV ownership

  1. Re: “It’s unclear whether this is a crime.”

    It absolutely is a crime!! It’s tampering with and disabling other peoples’ property, and blocking peoples’ ability to travel in their own vehicle. Not to mention the disruption of their day and the interference with their responsibilities.

    Funny how a reporter and camera crew were there to film this. Must be a well-orchestrated, well-funded operation. And I don’t believe their stats on who’s polluting most. Of course they didn’t mention military emissions.

    Lastly, those Brits should have been ‘royally’ pissed off and then have gone about the business of finding the perps who disabled their vehicles. Peoples’ justice!! As for the reporter…accomplice!!


  2. If I ever caught one of these sick and depraved minded so called “climate activists” tampering with my vehicle or any of my family members vehicle, I promise by God that terrorist will be eating and shitting from a tube for a very long time, I’ll make it only one tube also!!!

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