3 thoughts on “Meet the Megatron of Transport Trucks

  1. INEXPERIENCED DRIVERS are going to tear the hell out of those low lying skirts the minute you run over the first set of railroad tracks. Great idea, impractical given the morons they will hire to drive this thing.

    If they can make those trailer skirts flexible so they won’t break easily is the key, you start lowering the trailer while underway is a recipe for disaster, design engineering is not ideal for what we have out here at this time, PIE IN THE SKY TECH.

    Better start thinking of higher wages to attract quality drivers, not illegal aliens who can’t drive, or who care about their equipment.

    That said, this is more practical than full electric, more range and flexibility, just too damn low to the ground, your going to tear shit up, big time.

    America’s interstates are a fkg joke, pot holes the size of VW Beetles.

    Interstate 81 is like driving over a rock pile, Pennsylvania into New York, Connecticut to Massachusetts is a fkg joke.

    They are going to have to redesign the whole interstate system, going to take 20 years before you can operate this truck correctly on our interstates without serious damage.

    The whole goddamn freight infrastructure needs to be redesigned, including many of the outdated distribution centers that are like driving over a rock pile.

    1. as soon as I saw those skirts I thought to myself wth?
      I have to say the roads up here are for the most part pretty decent but then less than a million people in the whole state

  2. That’s funny, Optimus Prime was the truck (leader of the Autobots), while Megatron was a Waltham P38 (leader of the Decepticons).

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