14 thoughts on “Meet the sheriff

  1. Now that could be one helluva BINGO! Keep it up, Galen!

    I wonder if I could make this picture a whole lot bigger and underline or make the letters bigger in the word TALMUD! And if I could find out of this dude is Chabad?

  2. And during my entire time as a sherrif,I have received at least one atomic wedgy a day, because I am a good little Jew.

      1. Atomic Wedgies are nothing to laugh about. During the cold war and arms reduction talks “Atomic Wedgies” were outlawed as to being to personal. The effects of one of these attacks was actually deemed as being unconventional and inhuman on all scales. NATO even has made restrictions on there deployment and the avoidance on civilians. War crime charges are to be expected and tried at the Hague. Expect no mercy or sympathy after conviction! You have been warned.

  3. The actual quote from the Filthy Talmud is found in Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:9; Yerushalmi Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 37a ;
    The sanitized version for us goyiim says “saves a life”. The original Hebrew says “saves a life in Israel”, meaning a Jew. The point here is that the real Talmudists know it refers only to Jews and not to Gentiles.

  4. As soon as the witnesses names and participants were named, it was all too kosher for komfort. No matter what, THEY are involved, 100%.

  5. OMG! I’m so out of the loop. Just found out what an atomic wedgie is. If you don’t want to know don’t go to YouTube and search it. Remember, you can’t unsee it.


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