Melbourne woman choked by Victoria Police as she resists arrest for not wearing a face mask.

Aug 10, 2020
Melbourne woman claims to be choked around the neck as she resists arrest by Victoria Police. This has been a reoccurring issue throughout Victoria ever since the newly introduced law stating that face masks are compulsory in Melbourne, while in a public area. However, there are exceptions. Could this have been dealt with differently? Should she have handed over her letter of exemption to Police?

7 thoughts on “Melbourne woman choked by Victoria Police as she resists arrest for not wearing a face mask.

  1. Sexual overtones, no? Soft porn on public street? And fk the yelling man, for doing NOTHING for his girlfriend. NOTHING but fkng YELLING!!

    Many will want to answer the last question the vid asks.


    1. He wouldn’t be my boyfriend after this episode. She was tougher on those cops than he was for sure!! Cameras don’t stop thugs!

  2. Well where do you start?, you could bring up old footage from WWII of this exact same thing taking place and no one would disagree that those criminals in uniforms doing what they did in the old footage should have been executed on the spot by the “Citizenry” of the day.

    People all the time, say, why didn’t people just walk up and shoot those few Nazi Soldiers or Later Satsi agents et al., I guess it was and is of the same apathy of the general population at large now.

    As I watch this thinking, if that was my daughter, it would be all out total war on these mthrfkrs and their criminal system.

    This has to stop now, people are going to have to get serious about shutting down all of this BS.

    All those brave tough cops talking tough and roughing up a girl (who he couldn’t even subdue by the way) yet if they are faced with a bunch of commie BLM types, they dare not approach or even say anything tough back to them, but they’ll jump on anyone fighting them back as we have seen.

    This stuff only leads to death camps people. I know I’m preaching to the choir.

  3. All for not wearing a mask?


    Like Norm says, people are too passive just like they were back during WWII. So when will they become active again? When will they fight?

    1. Only when the TV tells them to fight will the sheeple ever be moved
      RFB said that this Covid is a TV show, and that seems dead on right. The virus doesn’t exist outside of the television. It is pounded into you if you are near a TV set, but wander out in nature or anyplace not maskdebatin’ and there is no sign of a deadly illness spread all over civilization.
      That being said, acquiescence and/or conformity is a belief system that is forcefully brought to bear on the populace. That smacks of “religion”, and I ain’t buyin it! Especially when it is expressly forbidden in the first article of the Bill of Rights.
      I do not consent to Covid.
      I do not comply with Covid.
      I do not believe in Covid.
      I ain’t a maskdebater!

  4. That fu!@ing spineless pig would have copped my steel capped blundstone in the face after he decided to sit on her. We are following the stupidity of the Americans and their police state here…… The pituful thing of it all is that the plandemic is just a decoy for the elites agenda and the masks do absolutely nothing to stop the spread. A virus particle is 500 nanometres in size with 1 nanometre being one billionth of a metre……do the math .WTF is wrong with people today???

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