6 thoughts on “Meltdown at Arizona State

  1. Estrogen…it’s a hell of a drug.

    These screeching sissy faggots are not shock troops but they do demonstrate to other brainwashed, soft headed thin skinned “LEFTIST” pansies they have a “voice”, thus justifying the traction their panty-waisted base has acquired to those of the “RIGHT”.

    We here know la kosher nostril is behind ALL of it but the reality is NONE of these commie traitors is bulletproof or has a cast iron neck.

    F them ALL for being tools of the zionist nwo and BOTH are enemies to freedom and our Republic. Their collectivism and lack of testicular fortitude and spine to truly want individually freedom the way WE are intended.

    1. You make me choke on my coffee with “la kosher nostril”. 🙂
      My initial take on the screaming Mimi was, and still is, demonic possession. I believe the entire la kosher nostril is demonically possessed. They need a nice off-planet home of their own.

  2. That would be defined as ‘Terroristic Threatening’ as defined by most municipal laws (including military).
    The response: Just wait until they touch you, then you can properly respond and ‘protect’ yourself.

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