Members of both houses of Congress begin receiving copies of documents demanding the resignations of six top government officials including Articles of Impeachment against President Obama

PP Simmons – From the American Spring Headquarters


Effective April 8, 2014

America Demands ‘Administrative Revisions’  

At nine o’clock, the morning of April 8, Members of both houses of Congress began receiving copies of documents demanding the resignations of six, top government officials, including Articles of Impeachment against President Obama, for violating their oath of office, and/or by committing high crimes against the state, and requiring Congress to enforce the demands, or be held accountable.

This bold move is only the second time in our nation’s rich history such a demand has been made to relieve our oppressed and abused people from an egalitarian, corrupt, and unresponsive regime.

As polls and water cooler conversations continue to reflect America’s resistance growing stronger against administration policies and actions in flagrant violation of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, it is clear something must change. We have only two options: surrender to totalitarian rule by Marxist ideologues, or enforce our American ideals and principles.

So who has the boldness to make such declarations? None other than the American People; Citizens, constituents, just us ‘folks’, demanding to be heard. Standing up as our spokesman is retired Army Colonel Harry Riley, who feels compelled to act by the pervasive litany of illegal legislative and administrative actions, compounded by the Administration’s rebuff last October of WWII veterans just trying to pay their respects to their fallen comrades at an open air memorial (paid for by their blood and treasure) in their nation’s capital.

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” —
Declaration of Independence

Operation American Spring (OAS – is modelled after Arab Spring, Ukrainian Spring, and other successful, popular, and massive demonstrations against oppressive bureaucracies. The one distinguishing characteristic of OAS over other regime-altering events is our Founding Documents: the Declaration of Independence—which clarifies such a change in government as our duty; and the Constitution—which not only allows such change, but provides the process by which the change may take place in a peaceful and civil manner.

Although OAS has set the bar high, 10 to 20 million Americans committed to reform our government under Constitutional constraints, there are indications they may well reach, perhaps, even exceed their goals. Another key factor that differentiates OAS from previous attempts to reach the deaf ears of our Administration is that OAS leaders are committed to stay in DC until their demands are met. And in the face of those who claim that even if those numbers are achieved, there is no way our corrupt leadership will comply with the People’s demands—one only has to witness the Arab and Ukrainian movements—where they turned out their corrupt and incompetent usurpers without the benefit of

Constitutional validation.

Which brings us to one point no one can deny: The People outnumber their administrators, and regardless how much control the ones at the top seize, they always fall—always have, always will. It only matters how much pain they are willing to inflict on the People, and how much pain our ‘leaders’ are willing to bear themselves, before they collapse.


Effective April 8, 2014

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10 thoughts on “Members of both houses of Congress begin receiving copies of documents demanding the resignations of six top government officials including Articles of Impeachment against President Obama

  1. “Operation American Spring (OAS – is modelled after Arab Spring, Ukrainian Spring, and other successful, popular, and massive demonstrations against oppressive bureaucracies.”

    Uh, we need to remember that these “springs” were installed by the “west” to bring about controlled change for the betterment of the military industrial banking complex profits

  2. I don’t agree with OAS, I just thought that this shows the part of the populace that thinks they can still change things with protests and paper. It won’t work, we are at war and physical fighting will be the only way to win. Period.

    1. I got to say, that general vallely clams up and goes quiet when you start talking about dual israeli citizens holding high offices. He had a website and any questioning along that line, got deleted, instead of posted. How do I know? Cause they did it to me.

      I don’t trust the OAS, they talk a good talk, but there’s no feedback. Also their own FAQ points back to Vallely. (Hit F3 / CTR-F and search for “vallely”) and you’ll note it already sounds like they have some kind of a problem by their own words deffering off control to the entire OAS vs Vallely. Yet there’s no way to validate this information (doing a whois lookup shows they hide their site owner by DomainsByProxy – and that they go only until 2015 – Two RED FLAGS – Anyone serious, is going to have domains going for FOUR YEARS, and not be hiding their identity)

      “IF YOU ASK ME…
      I say they are controlled opposition. (which means stay away they’re just making lists of you all!! )

      Meanwhile, there’s more than six people with broken oaths and still insolantly holding office, so their premice is already flawwed to begin with.”

      Ya all can decide yourself. But, I don’t trust them, and I also suggest their feedback loop is 100% broken, if you want to bring up the topic of ISRAEL infiltrating key high office. My guess is they are tagging people. I would tread carefully.

      It was a few months back, from my memory and I am going on just my own experience and memory and quick search to make sure I spelled it “vallely.” But also to at least get this out before ya all go full on it. Ultimately you must decide yourself.

      1. TestPilot you are correct, I just like for people to see what is going on. We had met Col. Riley here in Louisiana, and not real fond of him!

      2. Those that post on any non lib website comment section by any username/ID are on more than one list – of this I have no doubt.

    2. Be ready to feed yourselves – the big plan (the wises one as I can tell) is to starve out the proles (proletariat aka the ‘people’ – yes, us!). If that fails gov violence is certainly the plan B.

      Why are simple things like guns (near any amount), ammo (near any amount) and food (more than 6 day supply? are you chitting me?) enough to make someone an ‘official’ (yes, said it with a straight face too) terrorist.

      No problem sending very modern weapons to syrian rebels (that hate the US nearly as much as the usurper & his cult) & funds but screw the American people.

      Let them starve and fight among themselves. Kill their jobs (via intentionally killing businesses small and mid-sized thru incredibly absurd legislation) so they will not have food nor shelter too. Yes, those evil Americans must pay the price as well as pay other nations so the NWO Banker Cartel (by whatever name fits) can grow only more mighty and all powerful. Fear not, the Americans are lazy and stupid, they will never suspect a thing. Oh, the few that do will certainly be shouted down as crazy. They will be ridiculed and ostracized, forced into solitude – isolated, to used only as scapegoats.

      The mold is set, the plan is set – what say you?

  3. OAS…figures…it also stands for “Organization of American States” (meaning US puppets in Latin America).

    I want NO PART in anything any so-called “patriots” (read Israel firsters like Valalley and his buddies as ZionistNetDaily, and their friends in al Qaida) have anything to do with. And the above is correct: Nothing’s gonna change until we follow funny farmer’s advice and Henry’s yep. I said “we”!

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