Memorial Day Celebrating Hypocrisy

It is being reported that Iran has enough uranium to build five nuclear warheads as new talks on Iran’s nuclear program are scheduled in Russia for next month.  It seems that the warmongers are growing more upset every day as they fail to sell war to the people of the United States.  They keep bringing up the same old arguments with new intensities.

Ex-UN Ambassador John Bolton has become such a frequent face in the mainstream he might as well have his own program.  To trust anyone that is or has been involved with the United Nations to put US security interests before the economic interests of Israel is foolish to the extreme.  Bolton wants war.  He cites the UN’s frustration with Iran’s failure to bow to international authority.

The United Nations is a US created international socialist power structure controlled by Israel and the Crowned Heads of Europe, through their lapdogs occupying the highest seats of power in the US government.

During the years Israel was secretly developing their own nuclear arsenal; all UN calls for sanctions were blocked by the United States.  Now on the other side of the coin, the United Nations seems to be the driving force for the upcoming Middle Eastern invasion.

The only discrepancy here is in when the inevitable invasion will take place.  The Clintonistas, who put the foreigner Barack Obama into office, are trying to hold the invasion in reserve right up until the election.  If an attack occurs too soon, the people will have time to sort things out and when they realize that the only way to avoid a third world war is to elect Ron Paul, either as the GOP candidate or as an Independent, the whole cabal could fall apart, not that it isn’t teetering on the edge of destruction as things stand.

Israel is growing impatient, as every day the invasion is postponed represents another day the people of the United States have to consider the ramifications of supporting the Israeli aggression.

King Netanyahu is not just standing idly by.  We see reports coming out of Syria showing little children that have been killed through bombings, which US propagandists are blaming on the Syrian government and the Syrian government is blaming on terrorist units being led by the US CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

The hypocrisy is amazing as the propagandists push for outrage over the killing of the Syrian children at the same time there is a media blackout in reference to ex-President George W. Bush and seven key members of his administration (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo) being convicted by an international war crimes tribunal held in Malaysia for the genocide they committed in Iraq.

These convicted war criminals are at present enjoying comfortable lives through sanctuary within the United States.

Today, we are celebrating Memorial Day wherein we honor those who have given their lives to preserve our freedom.  Maybe we should take a moment to realize that our present military is being used to protect international war criminals.  The United States has invaded other countries like Libya and Kosovo under the guise of bringing international justice to accused war criminals.

Answer me this question.  If these international courts are trusted to the extent that we will invade foreign countries and arrest their leaders, why would we not trust them to come to a just verdict for accused war criminals residing in the United States?  It would seem that it has reached the point that international justice is dispensed as arbitrarily as is national justice.

Why should we be surprised that our armed forces protect international war criminals when our Justice Department protects the international gun/drug runner, Eric Holder and the mafia cartel he is operating within our borders?

When laws are enforced arbitrarily they are not laws at all, but rather mechanisms to tyranny.

God help us to see the difference.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Celebrating Hypocrisy

  1. agree completely but you didnt go far enough , trying to get the u.s. ready for a war needs the right fuse and explosive , like a terrorist attack on the same magnitude or worse than 911 or stopping a supposed attack with obvious clear links to only iran , so as to band the country together like pearl harbor did in 41 , as for war criminals residing in the u.s. , they always have its all in what and who you know , like the nazi rocket scientists and jet experts, lord knows how many londoners and vicinity citizens they killed or maimed by werner von brauns v1 *& v2 and yet the israeli nazi hunters feel great when they capture an 85 year old ex extermination guard who may or may not be the right person and who probably killed nobody just being a guard

  2. Fu$@ that izzyhugger bolton. Wish he would make aliyah so that we would be rid of this parasite and go down ith his racist breathren. They are going down you know, don’t you?

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