Men Behind ‘Open Carry’ Demonstration in Texas Charged with Crimes Even Though What They Did Wasn’t Illegal – Here’s How Police Are Justifying It

Men Behind Open Carry Demonstration in San Antonion, Texas Charged with Disorderly ConductThe Blaze – by Jason Howerton

The three men behind an “open carry” demonstration conducted outside of a San Antonio Starbucks are each facing charges of “disorderly conduct” because some observers reportedly complained about the stunt.

The group posted video of the entire demonstration, which included a disagreement with police officers, on YouTube. The men were seemingly well within their rights.  

Men Behind Open Carry Demonstration in San Antonion, Texas Charged with Disorderly Conduct

Under Texas law, open carrying a rifle is not illegal as long as the gun is not loaded.

But San Antonio police Chief William McManus told KENS-TV that gun owners can still be charged with disorderly conduct if anyone feels threatened at any point during a demonstration. In other words, if anyone around you is uncomfortable with firearms, you could technically be charged with a crime.

“It’s a disorderly offense that officers will address accordingly,” the police chief said.

Thu Aug 29 16:24:41 PDT 2013


A controversial YouTube video captures an alleged disorderly conduct case. The video shows three men, who were carrying assault rifles, sitting outside a San Antonio Starbucks. view full article

KENS-TV has more details on the demonstration:

The 23-minute video was posted the YouTube on Aug. 24. It shows three men sitting outside a San Antonio Starbucks displaying rifles. Several passersby stop and talk to the men. At least one woman stops to take video on her cell phone.

Police eventually showed up after they received a call from a woman who claimed she was “freaked out” by the display of weapons. Officers approached the men, questioned them about the situation and told the gun holders they needed to leave.

The suspects were placed under what’s called a non-custodial arrest, which means they were charged with a crime but were not taken into custody.

The men do not appear to be belligerent or aggressive in the video.

“Gotta love open carry,” one of the men says.

Another man says they are merely choosing to “enjoy” their “freedoms.” However, it didn’t take long for police to intervene and break up the gathering.

Watch the entire video via YouTube below:

29 thoughts on “Men Behind ‘Open Carry’ Demonstration in Texas Charged with Crimes Even Though What They Did Wasn’t Illegal – Here’s How Police Are Justifying It

  1. Well motherf#@ker that’s it I feel threatend when I get around police and its because they are carrying guns so now I know they are committing a crime!

  2. Once again, FEDGOV pronounces 50,000 so called “laws” against the American public and at the same time, refuses to abide by the first ten laws.
    Seems like most folks commit a felony by the time they tie their shoes in the morning and haven’t even left the house yet.

          1. You wouldn’t believe how many friends I’ve made here in the last year+ that know about the NWO. It’s the only place I can come to congregate with people on the same page as those of us here on FTT.

          2. 🙂

            It was a looooooong dry spell before that. Especially the two years I went without internet. Kind of like being on a desert island with no one to talk to.

  3. starbucks should be actively boycotted for several reasons-
    1. for allowing their customers to be harassed by po-lice.
    2. they are a jewish owned and run company, owing their
    allegiance to isrealhell(israel). by supporting the apartheid state of israel.
    3. the very name ‘starbucks is revolting; star as in star of david(6 pointed star)
    and bucks, the money they steal from people all over the world.

    1. In the first place, the article is NOT about Starbucks, it’s about open carry.

      In the second place, that was a personal conversation between me and RT, and your opinion concerning my lifestyle is unasked for, unwarranted, and unappreciated. In fact, it sounds damn close to trollish. So kindly F*CK OFF, @SSHOLE.

      F*cking moron.

    2. Doodaaa,
      You need to say you are sorry to #1.
      He is my friend and he does what he does where he can and does it very well thank you.
      Back awhile ago, I was helping friends move. They know I’m a coffee addict. I wouldn’t take any money from them. One day as I was leaving, they gave me a bag of starbucks coffee. They were so happy to give it to me 🙂 Now really, would any decent person refuse a gift from beaming people, so happy to give you something? No. The same with #1, he gives much. How and why he does what he does, doesn’t merit a comment such as you made to him. BTW, the coffee actually tasted very good, specially remembering the love it was given with.

      1. Yes RT, you said it well and #1 is a freind and a good guy. 🙂 🙂 🙂 . By the way #1 – keep on keepin` on eh #1, your cool 🙂

        1. Much love to you too #1,
          Now that my socks are all nice and clean I’m going to try to keep them dry today 🙂
          Much love to all of you guys and hope allyaAll Have a Great Weekend!

          1. And I hope for the best and a safe Labor day weekend to you to RT, #1, and of coures you too Henry :), and to the rest of us good guys here in the Trenches

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          3. Yea I know what ya mean #1, it has been hot and sticky here all last week too. They even closed a few schools at noon hour because of the heat. LOL, it is like one big sauna. We cannot let a little heat wave get too us all can we 🙂 , I just think of when it will be below zero in jan. and feb, march here in Wi. cheese head country. Yea that cold weather sucks. I guess that it makes us tough tho, atleast that is what I keep telling myself. I have heard that it is going to be colder than normal with above average snow fall for Jan. and Feb. for the mid west states. I`ve been thinking of sellin` out and moving to a state that I could have a four season guarden – just a dream of mine 🙂 , I`m like Henry, I HATE winter, I see nothing good about winter.

  4. San Antonio, home of the Sam Houston military base and Lackland Air Force Base and is also police state central with surveillance cameras all over the place. Hell, they even have police on patrol boats patrolling the River walk area. I mean how pathetic and excessive use of police is that? They even have Park Police cars assisting local police and even have military training on public streets and intersections such as landing a military helicopter and then having someone re-direct traffic while they do their operation.

    1. The ONLY thing I liked about San Antonio was the Riverwalk, NC. Very nice.

      btw see all the fun you missed out on on this article? (continued on another one too)

      Slacker. LOL 🙂

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