Mental Health Care for the Haitians?

The people of Haiti are still suffering as a result of an earthquake, a hurricane, and a cholera outbreak, all of which occurred this year.  Many country’s agencies and organizations are working to help the Haitian people.  They have brought in food, tents, clothing, medical supplies, and physicians to administer to them.  All these people deserve the highest praise, especially in a world where compassion for our fellow human beings has come to represent weakness.

You see, today’s psyche professes that human beings should ignore the suffering of the weak as they are consuming without producing.  Haiti has been brought back front and center in the news, the past week or so, prompting those with a conscience to push for further aid.

The Fabian socialists have their own assertions as to what will best help the Haitian people.   They are at present developing a nation-wide program for psychological healing.  These people are dying of hunger, disease, and lack of drinkable water and the solution is spending resources for counselors to help them cope with the situation.

A lot of Americans refused to take the H1N1 flu shot last year as they were smart enough to read the insert in the box the vaccine came in.  So the pharmaceutical companies, wanting to help others and not be wasteful, sent their poison to countries in the third world, including Haiti.  The compassion of the pharmaceutical companies is indeed enough to bring one to tears.

So I guess now, in the name of helping the Haitians they can send over an aircraft carrier full of Prozac and Zoloft.  The bottom line is the one world geneticists are practicing genocide on the people of the third world and portraying themselves as heroes in doing so.

A recent survey showed that those among the working poor gave far more to charities than did the rich.  It seems to have become the position of the rich that as they have been efficient in acquiring wealth they alone have earned the right to live.  The fact that they use the art of theft in the acquisition of wealth is becoming more and more an acceptable scenario among the population in general.

Leading eugenics supporters like Bill Gates, are at present including a 98% world-wide population reduction as a part of their agenda.  That would leave only 2% left living, you know, like the 2% that just got the extension of the tax cuts that no one but they wanted them to have.  We need to realize that these ultra elitists have come to the mindset that says, “Well yeah, the Haitians are dying by the thousands, but it is completely their fault as they made a huge mistake in not being born one of us.”

So I guess maybe the best thing we can do for the Haitians is euthanize them, using tainted vaccinations and anti-depressants, which were just going to be wasted anyway as more and more of the American people are refusing to take them.  And look at the potential for a further accumulation of wealth through the harvest of their organs.  God help the Haitian people.

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  1. Henry,

    So Billy Gates advocates the extermination (whether by passive or aggressive means is irrelevant) of 98% of the human species? Quite an interesting little piece of “trivia” there! Curious as to how you found that out.


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