Mercenaries in sheeps clothing available for immediate deployment?

III Percent Patriots – by Kerodin

There is a tactical reality Patriots must consider going forward.

It has been mentioned (without support, as far as I have seen) that BLM had paid mercenaries on the ground in Nevada. This guy sure doesn’t look like the sort of fellow I’ve seen in BLM uniform or who would be attracted to BLM as a career choice. Perhaps he really is simply one of their SWAT guys.

But this is a consideration we must explore until we have some answers.  

If there were mercs on the ground in BLM uniform, and had events turned sporty, Patriots may have been facing an adversary far more capable than expected. Men who not only know how to shoot, move and communicate, but men who have done it for a living. And if they were mercs, what assets did they have nearby, ready to rope-in with serious firepower?

I have a piece of information that suggests the mercenary angle may have merit. In 2012 BLM reportedly had 255 men with badges and guns in the agency. (Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, here) People on the ground at Bunkerville, and press reports, say there were 200 or so BLM uniforms in place. I have searched every picture I can find, and I have not found anything but BLM patches – no FBI, Marshals, et cetera.

Do we believe that BLM was able to muster more than 2/3 of their armed personnel in the desert from across the nation for this one operation?

If we have a hard time believing that proposition, then we must consider who the men were in BLM uniforms. If they were, indeed, paid soldiers, then we must consider an even more uncomfortable reality: FedGov has contract operators standing by as trigger-pullers and they have protocols in place that facilitate putting these men in official US Government Agency uniforms on a short timeline.

Let that soak in, folks.

If we hold that such a possibility exists, we must follow it to likely conclusions and be aware of it in future meetings of Patriots and “.Gov employees.”

How many contract operators are at the disposal of FedGov? How many different agencies have extra uniforms ready for them to wear? How many times in the past have professional mercenaries been in our midst, wearing official uniforms, ready to unleash hell on behalf of BLM, Capitol Police, Uniformed Secret Service, et cetera?

There are many more questions here than answers. And any answers we discover will reveal more questions.

But one thing appears to be true: Patriots standing face-to-face with “Government employees” in the future must be prepared to suddenly be facing mercenaries with serious skills, serious back-up capabilities, and rules of engagement that would normally bind whatever agency they are impersonating.

Patriots had better be ready to go hard, and underestimate no man.


7 thoughts on “Mercenaries in sheeps clothing available for immediate deployment?

  1. ya know that bad ass mut-er f’ker still has meat and bone and an ar would surely rip him up. Bet he has a sweety a waiting and wants to go home too. Makes a big target also. Steroid freak!!!

  2. We have already seen private contractors roaming our streets performing domestic “law enforcement” at such events as the Boston bombing before the event…

  3. According to Wiki there are over 10k employee’s: ………

    Agency overview
    Preceding agencies
    US Grazing Service
    General Land Office
    Federal Government of the United States
    1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5665 Washington DC 20240
    10,000 Permanent (FY2010)
    Annual budget
    $960,000,000 (FY2010 operating)
    Agency executives
    Mike Pool, Acting Director
    Janine Velasco, Acting Deputy Director (Operations)
    Neil Kornze, Acting Deputy Director (Programs and Policy)

  4. bullies.
    these guys are the macho tough guys who as long as the people are intimidated and scared they will look bullish but when their homes catch on fire and real bullets are coming at them they will surely say ‘f@ck this’ and run.

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