Merkel gets emotional in speech

Dec 9, 2020
German Chancellor Angela Merkel begs Germans to follow coronavirus restrictions in an unusually emotional appeal ahead of Christmas. She urged Germans to heed scientists’ warnings and calls for stricter lockdown measures in a passionate speech: “Europe is where it is today thanks to the Enlightenment and the belief that there are scientific findings which are real and should be followed.”
You can watch her full speech here:

6 thoughts on “Merkel gets emotional in speech

  1. If a crocodile and a pit viper had a baby..

    *Apologies to both

    Germans getting fooled again by (((politicians))) they think care about them and expect different results. Same as here but WE have the tools. Let’s make it count and be done with these parasites and their sayanim forever.

  2. The only thing she’s emotional over is not enough deaths
    And that possibly she could be among them soon

    Hey news flash bitch
    Argentina don’t want yer kind anymore

  3. I really cannot beieve how hypocrite Merkel is. Her father was a Uboot commandant and killed ……. Now she kills our freedoms in the name of Mother Merkel who is above death …
    She knows about the AeroNabs solution from California San Franciso research. It can kill the virus just with an inhaler. It works preventive and when you are already infected. I is cheap, can be mass produces tomorrow, distributed easily for eveyone and you don’t need to be injected and fear for your health. Why doesn’t she promote this , but spend billions on big Pharma vaccins ?????

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