Mesmerized and Hypnotized, What Voter Fraud?

I always get concerned when the mainstream propaganda machine goes into “Put the people to sleep” mode.  The headlines should be “Voter fraud disenfranchises GOP primary and caucus voters.”  After the fraud was revealed, everyone was tuning in their TVs waiting to hear of investigations, arrests, prosecutions, and lawsuits.

So, the mainstream propaganda machine went into “sleep mode” – old stories, boring stories, issues no one cares about, and just enough of the current propaganda to keep the audience tuned in.  Things like Governor Chris Christie under fire for having the flags in New Jersey lowered to half staff for Whitney Houston.  Does anyone reading this care?

Let’s look at the meat and potatoes of this breaking story.  Well, a pop singer ate a handful of Xanax, chased it down with a glass of whiskey, fell asleep and drowned in her bathtub.  A music star OD-ing, now that doesn’t happen every day.  If it had not been reported, the flags at half staff would not have been noticed.  Everyone would have just assumed that another soldier or ten or twenty had been killed in one of our many wars.

Rick Santorum apparently believes that it should be against the law for American citizens to have sex, unless that sex is sanctified by a church.  I wonder if he means any church, how about a Voodoo church?  “Uncah woncah uncah woo, now it is alright for me to have sex with you.”

Your eyelids are growing heavier.

Don’t be fooled, there is plenty going on, it is just that our masters want us to rest a bit now, maybe preparing us for something really big.  Can anyone say Syria no-fly zone?  Or maybe the Israelis are preparing to attack Iran this weekend.  World War III, now that would be exciting.

We really must punish these propagandists once we have reinstituted our Republic under our Constitution.  Just think of the contempt they must have for us.  We are those ignorant Goyim who can be calmed and pacified, just like the animals on Animal Farm.  Turn the TV on, turn the brain off.

Hell the only thing that has caused the people to break away and become enlightened is the fact that they have had to get up and forage for food to stop that growling in their stomachs.

Anyway, get ready.  I’m sure the Ministry of Entertainment has something really special for us, designed to make us forget all about the petty issue of blatant election fraud.  And won’t it feel good to once again be ignorantly bliss?  That is until the stomach starts growling again.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Mesmerized and Hypnotized, What Voter Fraud?

  1. This has been a very colorful and entertaining article, hats off to the writer/journalist, you put the meat with the potatoes. I’m waiting for arrests in the voter fraud thing also. Maybe we will have to petition their government, (it certainly isn’t mine). As for this birth control thing, just a smokescreen same as for Whitney, news to cover the real news. Flags at half mast pisses me off, how about flying at half mast everytime one of our troops gets sacrificed? The flag would never see the top of the pole. Since when did we start recognizing singers/actors with valor or importance to America? This entertainment thing is going a bit far. I’m tired of all this glorification of entertainers. We should be flying the flag upside-down for our brothers fighting these useless, occupying, tyrranical, wars they keep creating with the help of Israel and our CIA. I wonder what the entertainment ministry will dream up next? The false flag is surely on it’s way, do you think?

  2. Keep waiting.The truth is yesterday is an illusion as tomorrow is.Now is it.You’ll never change the future later.Not that I’m doing much.I’ve just been kicked off of newsvine for the fourth time and I don’t feel like registering under yet another pseudenym at the moment.However, I love to make the most of my parting comments to their noble editors everytime they present me with the opportunity.It knocks.And knocks.And knocks….Ron Paul won Iowa,too and although it didn’t play out that way on t.v. the support is still there inside of Iowa and still here inside of this Iowan.Freedom is greater than people and people are greater than lies.Know the truth and truth will set you free.It is our collective desire that will make the final determination one way or the other.

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