A Message to Mark Koernke

Both communist and nazi agitators were shipped in to hijack this event.  Both are totalitarian ideologies that cannot exist in our free Republic under our Bill of Rights, which is our common law, complete with maxims and procedures.

Quit trying to get our people to accept national socialism as an alternative to communism. Both will be shot out of this country, and maybe then we will finally at last live in peace, free of fanatics, of all sorts.

18 thoughts on “A Message to Mark Koernke

  1. I’ve caught mark spew a lot of socialist crap within the years I’ve occasionally listened to his show. The guy is a national socialist, a statist and I don’t trust him or his militia groups.
    You’re right Henry, both side suck.

      1. Sounds something like, “Please close the door while I beat up my wife. That way you won’t have to hear.”


        …we get to listen in on any public venue, especially any that messes with self-determinism, aka, freedom.


      2. I stopped paying any attention to Mark when he sensationalized the aftermath of a tornado several years back in south-eastern MI. If I remember correctly he tried to say something about FEMA either taking advantage of people or not helping, can’t remember now. Anyhow, talk about fake news. Sorry Mark, don’t know if you are taking spook money or just a doomsayer, but don’t have time for either one.

  2. I missed it, I have been scouring the web, I promise to have a good show relevant to the event in Charlottesville.

    1. looking forward to the broadcast, David.
      Perhaps you could get a clip from Mark’s broadcast archive with his apparent statements or statement supporting the idea that Henry has pointed out.

  3. Ditto x1000, Henry.

    While whites, myself included, have been under attack specifically, we are not the only ones under attack. WE are ALL under attack because it’s the Bill of Rights that has been trampled on by a zio-joo commie controlled govt. I am NOT going to help them in any way shape or form, just like “voting”. The forefront of those particular ideologies is leading them by the nose because it works for their agenda. I’ll take the Bill of Rights for Americans party, but we’ll NEVER see anything like that being promoted by la kosher nostril.

    1. well stated……….LMAO at this however: ‘we’ll NEVER see anything like that being promoted by la kosher nostril.’…………

  4. Well stated Henry! I wish every person in this country could see what life would be like if the Bill of Rights were enforced as the law it is.

  5. Thanks, Henry. You help me see it, The Bill of Rights. It’s like clean air, without it we do not live, we merely endure.

    I do not know whom to credit it to, but there’s an old saying which every time I think of it grabs me and shakes me: “Freedom is the only guardian of freedom.” It brings the entire body of governing ideas to its knees and then kicks it in the butt. So simple and unadorned. 

    The chaos of the last few days, difficult as it was to witness or experience, may come bearing gifts because now all the so-called isms are being put under the microscope by people trying to figure things out, and maybe in the midst of all that examining some will find the pearl, there in the shining center, The Bill of Rights. Out of chaos, common sense.


  6. “Quit trying to get our people to accept national socialism as an alternative to communism.”

    Both sponsored by the stinking jews.

  7. I’m not sure if anyone is aware of this, but the very same person that once exposed Alex jones, also exposed Mark koernke.

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