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Message to flee

“Hey there, flee! Don’t mess with me! I know a real bull when I hear one!”

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4 Responses to Message to flee

  1. mary in ND says:


  2. Katie says:

    LOL. But has that bull heard flees famous bull call? He may not be talking so tough after he hears flee. 🙂

  3. Paul says:

    hah that ole boy looks a little wild eyed. 😆

  4. flee says:


    I thought I had a sense of humor.

    I feel so ashamed now.

    I’m just going concentrate my talents on bird calls.

    So you won’t bust my balls.

    I didn’t intend that to rhyme.

    I can do a real good fire truck imitation too..!

    I haven’t seen to many cattle the last few days.

    I have a bad feeling they’re getting ready to process them into double quarter pounders with cheese at McDougals.

    I’ll have to adjust my imitation bull and cow call to..

    Don’t go back to the ranch…

    They’re going to kill you and eat you…and your children.

    I hope they get the memo and understand what I’m hollering about.

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