Mexican? American?

President Felipe Calderón of Mexico is boasting success in the Mexican drug war in spite of the fact that 2010 saw more deaths related to drug violence than in any other year since he took office in 2006.  In fact 2010 produced half of all the casualties since 2006 when Calderon ordered federal troops into the fray.  It would seem that the Mexicans have as hard a time with numbers and facts as we Americans do.

Calderon is citing the decrease as a result of the members of the drug cartels killing more of one another than they are of the innocent Mexican citizens.  Sounds like fuzzy math at best.

U. S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, after visiting Mexico in March stated that what happens south of the border is more than just Mexico’s problem, which would seem to be true if the United States government is going to continue to refuse to secure our Southern border.

The debate over illegal immigration is indeed a hot topic here in the States and I have to ask why.  Does illegal not mean illegal anymore?  When our government instituted our immigration laws were they just kidding?  Or have our immigration laws become like our Constitution: old and antiquated to the point that no one should really take them seriously anymore?

I know I am going to take some flack over this but I am having trouble accepting the argument that the illegals coming into our country are poor folk just seeking a better life.  Because the fact is it is not just poor folk seeking a better life, as intermingled in the flow of human traffic is drugs, money laundering, and violence; not to mention the drain on American resources and the fact that the illegals take millions of our jobs.

Somebody please tell me just when we the American people became responsible for the deplorable problems in Mexico.  If you can tell me, can you then explain the reasoning in not allowing anyone from any country to come here and simply take what they want?

In short, the Mexicans need to take their country back from those who have captured their resources and left them as peasant slaves.  The thing is, coming here is not going to solve the problems in Mexico.  It is only going to perpetuate the takeover in the United States as the people coming here from Mexico are now infiltrating into our body politic and affecting our vote.

I mean no insult but have these people not already shown in their own country that they do not have a clue as to how to keep a government in check?  This is why I have no problem with legal immigration.  You see if you legally immigrate here to the United States you are forced to learn how we maintain control of our government, then when you acquire your citizenship the rest of America can welcome you wholeheartedly as you will be making us stronger, instead of weaker when you do not.

God bless America.

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  1. I don’t think the government gives a crap about illegal immigrants. I guess illegal does not mean not allowed. I think they want to get the focus off of the unemployment and place our concerns elsewhere and they think we are stupid enough not to know this. This immigration problem will be addressed about as soon as the unemployed 99ers — when we take our country back. The American people could stop all of this if we would only work together. There are millions of us. Please don’t be afraid to take a stand and join us. Eventually we are going to have enough people to make a difference.

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