Mexican Nationals Celebrate their Insurgency into the US on Cinco de Mayo

Today, Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican regional holiday, is being celebrated throughout the United States.  Cinco de Mayo, translated into the English language, means the fifth of May and commemorates the 1862 Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, wherein an outnumbered Mexican Army defeated the better armed French who had invaded Mexico in an attempt to collect a debt.

In 2005, the Zionist insurgents in our US Congress passed a concurrent resolution to make this foreign regional holiday a US national celebration for Mexican heritage and pride.

On April 19, 1775, American Colonial Militia faced down British troops at Lexington and Concord.  This was the birth of our nation and it now passes by, year after year, completely unnoticed as our modern day US citizen militia members are demonized, falsely imprisoned, and even murdered.  Of course there are no celebrations because for one hundred years now it has been the goal of the international elite to destroy American nationalism and bring our great nation to its knees.

Whole sections of our major cities have been taken over by foreign nationals and foreign flags fly in our streets, China Town, Little Viet Nam, and Little Havana, just to name a few.

All of this while our Viet Nam veterans are being forced to remove Old Glory from the flag poles in their yards as their children celebrate Chinese New Year in our public schools.  This is yet another affront as the Chinese New Year events in the US are in reality a celebration of the 1968 Tet Offensive, wherein 543 US soldiers were killed in Southeast Asia in a single week.

Our children are being forced to learn to speak Spanish as English becomes a secondary language in the United States.  Every other religion from around the world is not only being accommodated but pushed in our schools as God is taken out of our National Anthem here in what is supposed to be our Christian nation.

There are at present in the United States 100,000 armed and trained Mexican nationals who are here for the sole purpose of killing US nationals as a part of the southern offensive for the foreign insurgency into our country.

I listened to a radio interview on Thursday that sent chills down my spine.  If you are a US national I strongly encourage you to listen for yourself.  And when you are finished see if you think we should be celebrating Cinco de Mayo or preparing to defend our lives against these Mexican nationalist invaders.  Listen to this interview, share it, and spread it as far as you are able.

The Mexican insurgents intend to kill us.  It is time to drive them back across the border and bring Mexico to heal.  We have accomplished this twice in our history and we must do so again.

Realize these people hate American nationals and they intend to murder us, man, woman, and child.  They are the ground troops of the international Zionists and the agents of international communism.  Remember, the Mexican nationals came out in force to march with the communists on May Day/International Communist Day.  The insurgency is becoming bold.  It is time to get this situation under control.

3 thoughts on “Mexican Nationals Celebrate their Insurgency into the US on Cinco de Mayo

  1. Your values, your culture, your heritage, your children and your country have been stolen from you by the enemy within.
    Let’s see you take Israel’s “weapons of mass destruction” you cowards.

  2. The CIA, DEA,FBI, and a whole host of greedy gringos, are responsible for the “mexican insurgency”. OOpp’s I left out the us war machine, sorry. This plot to destroy our country comes from within, as stated by Ron Benson. The “israeli’s” organized in europe and us long before WWI, and are really laughing about it now, with WWIII on the program schedule and who knows what their diabolical plans are then? I’m having a margarita, a couple tacos, and some Modesto just because I don’t know what can be done. Do you?

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