Miami Martial Law Drill: Machine Gun Fire & Black Hawk Helicopters Invade Miami Skyline

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Has America been invaded by hostile forces? If not, then what are ‘they’ preparing for? The streets and skies of Miami turned into what sounded like an Iraqi war zone or the streets of Chicago as the eternal, global war on terror gave Miami residents a sense of what it might sound like to live in Afghanistan as machine gun fire (blanks) filled the air and black hawk helicopters filled the midnight skies.

Are there THAT MANY terrorists now in America that they’re preparing for? A recent police, emergency management and National Guard drill in Ohio targeted ‘disgruntled 2nd Amendment advocates’ upset about the governments ‘new interpretation’ of the 2nd Amendment as ‘terrorists’. Does this Miami ‘martial law’ drill have the same targets in mind or are they ‘just’ preparing for economic collapse? 

From Cybertribe News Network:

This is only a drill.

Black Hawk choppers soared into the skies in downtown Miami, Wednesday night. The joint military training exercise also involved local police.

In the shadow of the Adrienne Arsht Center, several police cruisers crossed Biscayne Boulevard, presumably as part of the drill. Police have blocked off traffic on Biscayne Boulevard, although this measure might be related to the Miami Heat game about to finish at the American Airlines Arena.

The exercises, which began Tuesday night, are being executed to meet requirements, which include upcoming overseas missions and ensuring their equipment is in good working order.

Miami residents up on the balconies overlooking downtown Miami have been making amateur videos and posting them on YouTube. Tuesday night one of these videos showed the military helicopters flying over 395, right by the Miami Herald Building.–xJAS7U

24 thoughts on “Miami Martial Law Drill: Machine Gun Fire & Black Hawk Helicopters Invade Miami Skyline

  1. I live in Western NC. I was pulling into a business to pick up a urn and there
    was a eighteen wheeler in the middle lane. No big deal. So while I am waiting
    one of two employees runs by exclaiming “what are all those trucks doing
    out there.” So I get up to check this out. There are indeed five eighteen
    wheelers all in a row outside. I could not read the emblem on the trucks
    not that the emblem was small but it was like designed not to be able to
    read at a glance. I walked up to the first truck to investigate and the emblem
    read CCTT, Close Combat Tactical Trainer. So, WTF! No base even near

    1. I hope you’re not talking about the Asheville or surrounding areas. Its where I was born, and mostly raised, and wouldn’t want to know that they are trying to screw that area up.
      Even if you are, I bet those CC personell didn’t even THINK about going into the mountains there. I figure alot of them would be limping back..if they found them. Exercise or not.*nod*

      (sigh– wish I were back there…)

      In any case, thats not good to see anywhere Leita. Good lookin’-out.
      I wish you well.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

      1. Whiz,
        Yea, I am talking about Asheville. It has become a
        cesspool – murders, robberies, pedophiles galore,
        gangs, corruption in the local gov, over-populated,
        traffic a big problem, gated communities, very
        expensive to live here due to the influx of liberal
        outsiders, tearing down all the old buildings to
        make room for LA trendy establishments, tourists
        are here all the time instead of just the fall for leaf
        viewing. And the wild life is not appreciated by the
        liberal migrants so they want the wildlife out.
        Remember Merrimon Ave – three grocery stores
        at the Chestnut intersection – Whole Foods, Trader
        Joe’s, Harris Teeters. Shd never have been approved. The rivers are mayor polluted. Remember
        the stock yard on Craven St. – being torn down for
        a beer brewery. Enormous hotels.
        You would not believe. Just a party town.
        All the old traditions are gone.

        1. Holy hell.*shakes head*
          I knew it was gonna be changed…but damn.
          Sounds like Asheville isn’t what it should be anymore. I didn’t like the city anyway…I was raised around Canton..Waynesville…up in there. Most of the mountains towards Maggie Valley…
          I did like Enka and all that. I bet Bent Creek is laid to waste by now too.
          Thanks for the insight Leita. Even though it might not be what i wanted to hear, I thank you for it.*nod* It is appreciated.
          I still know I’d love it there. Back in the woods, not near the city.

          ~Blessed Be to all~

  2. Dont matter anyways. Us gun owners outnumber them regardless of what they do by at least 20 to 1. Thats not counting 2nd amendment supporters already in the Law Enforcement business and military. They (the govt) are truly scared, thats why they are doing this.

      1. Dave; I’ve read that there’s an average of 14 million people across the country who buy deer hunting permits every year. That’s more than the world’s five largest armies combined, and that’s only our snipers.

        I ignore all their statistics, poll numbers and election results (all lies anyway), and instead remember that half of this country doesn’t even vote, but that huge, and silent army is still there, and getting angrier and angrier by the day.

        We’re talking about more than a hundred-million pissed off people, and that’s something NO ONE dares screw with. They’re impossible to see, and hard to even imagine, but when they all roll out of their houses at once, the party’s over for anyone who tries to stop ’em.

      2. I find it hard to believe that Texas is only number five. They better work harder to catch up with us Michiganders. Also surprised that NY is forth considering the stiff gun laws there. Good to know stronger gun laws work so well. (sarcasm, in case you didn’t know 😛 )

        1. Frankly, a lot of us simply can’t afford it anymore. Unless you live a long way out from the major cities, it’s a loooong trip to a very expensive lease these days. Doesn’t mean we forgot how to aim 😉

  3. Yep, the Feds seem to be prepping for more than Martial Law. Tyranny would appear to be the end goal given the attacks and building tempo to start the process of disarming lawful citizens and depriving us our rights assured by 2A, again set in stone through the DICK ACT of 1902. I’m sure this was done in airspace immediately over a major metropolitan area for the shock and awe factor. This is clearly an example of the Adminstration’s will to become a terrorizing faction on our own soil.

    2 questions:

    1st Did they announce a day or two prior via multiple media outlets that a “drill” was going to be conducted? If not, tell me this wasn’t a Nazi or Marxist maneuver.

    2nd Where’d the hot brass go that was fired during this alleged “civil defense” exercise? Falling from a few hundred feet, any spent brass would not be pleasant to be hit with as a pedestrian and would surly damage the sheet metal on automobiles.

    Saddle up folks for the Air Cav is coming! When and where, I figure we’ll all hear about it one way or another in short order even if the disconnect the Internet and black out television stations. Hard to kill land lines all across America and there’s more than enough Ham Operators that’ll get the word out! Sad times that none could have envisioned just a few years removed.

  4. Drill my ass! It’s a dry run for what is going to happen if numbnuts gets some generals/admirals to go along with him. I wonder if Obama has given any thought to the National Guard. Will they be willing to fire on their neighbors? I believe there is a guard in each state. But then don’t forget the UN. Those ragheads would like nothing better than to see the end of the US as a free nation. We will have our work cut out for us, people.

  5. Soooo…the military is only running drills and making sure their equipment is working correctly? I could have sworn the tax payers pay for military bases in which checks could be made. Gov’t land in which they could fly over. Instead they choose to do this in Miami and scare civilians? Hmmmm…if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.

  6. “A recent police, emergency management and National Guard drill in Ohio targeted ‘disgruntled 2nd Amendment advocates’ upset about the governments ‘new interpretation’ of the 2nd Amendment as ‘terrorists’.”

    So now the 2nd Amendment in OUR OWN CONSTITUTION is a terrorist act by our own government who is suppose to uphold that same Constitution? Are you F**KING KIDDING ME???? Hang all the traitors and watch their eyes fall out of their sockets!!!

    1. That is EXACTLY what caught my attention too, NC.
      I mean..I knew the drills took place. I didn’t know that the theme for it was THAT!?!! Absolutely NO reasonable explanation for this effin BS…..other than.
      They really want this to be ugly.
      It’s going to be.
      And it’s all on them. THEY are the ones that will turn it ugly.(under orders of course).
      Let’s never forget the distraction of this BS going on.
      Big Money. They WANT this ugliness. They want us distracted.
      Unfortunately, it looks as if if they are about to get the ugliness part…
      Unfortunate it had to get this way.
      Keep focused. I wish everyone well.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  7. I hear that there are many in the military and law enforcement who would side with the constitution (aka, legitimate governance) over federal treason. But I don’t see any of them pointing out vital targets that could halt the globalist take over on day one.

    When I start seeing them showing the people what and where to target, then I will believe that they serve their country. Until then, I would expect you to plan for a bumpy ride.

    What would stop them in their tracks or at least let them know that they have a bumpy road ahead for themselves? The SFA in Syria seem to know what to target for max effect. Are they better trained and experienced than US military? hard to imagine. Since they get their intel from the US military.

    Anyway, I haven’t seen anything coming from US military folks that would make a ripple. So I couldn’t really expect much of them if things did get hairy. But hey, you can hope for the best, as long as you plan for the worst. Just don’t depend on anyone else in anything you do in any aspect of your life.

  8. Leita, i think i live where you are talkin about. Greensboro Nc. those where DHS they where doin a drill on a house. thats all I know. They have kept things very hush hush.

    1. Brian,
      I think this is going on all over the country just not as blatant as
      Miami. Greensboro is about two and half hours from Asheville.
      Where I live is about thirty miles north of Asheville and never
      were there airplanes crossing my airspace. Now I am hearing
      them frequently along with the very loud C130’s.
      No telling what is going on in the cover of night.
      Keep your eyes to the sky.

  9. How about two hour treetop level Cessna Skymaster 02 session at 5AM with no warning & local cops clueless? This was two summers back in Milwaukee. Only by calling FAA did I learn they were spraying for Gypsy Moths. Notice? Oh, yes, like one paragraph buried on page five three days earlier. Nothing on TalmudVision, other than the usual…what’s under your sink could KILL you…tune in at 10 to find out more. Shock & awe cockroaches.

  10. Military drills over Miami, SWAT teams performing drills in schools, more and more military presence all over the country. Something BIG is coming. Even after 9/11 this wasn’t going on when you might have expected it. Shooting over the skies with machine gun fire, the sight of Black Hawks unannounced flying overhead is being done to intimidate the population. DHS stocking up on hollow point bullets. Something is heading our way and it won’t pretty! Don’t be brainwashed into thinking this was a necessary drill, it’s a tactic to a nasty end and unfortunately we are on that receiving end. Be aware and prepare for the NWO.

  11. Do you really think that guns, of any kind, will protect you from drones which can blow you up from over a mile away, well before you even hear them, they can detect you in your home, in a mountain. Few have protested at the killing of millions of innocent children, women and men in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa, you forget that skin colour isn’t seen, nor the human behind that skin by these assassinations, to these men it is like playing a video game. Such a different attitude we all have when we feel threatened!

    1. You are absolutely right. We don’t stand a chance against the drones. We should just give up like the people in Afghanistan did.
      Wait a minute, they didn’t give up. And after 11 years, they will finally drive the United States and its awesome technology out of their country.
      Your statement is a crock of shit. Everything you say we should fear, we have created and will destroy.
      The only question is, who are these people out on the web preaching defeatism and what is their true motive? Oh yeah, that’s right, the communists are few in number and are depending on deceit and bluff, as there is absolutely no way in this physical world they can even come minutely close to defeating us American nationals.

    2. Oh shite!
      They have superior technology. I can’t beat them, say’s the libtard while she’s squishing around in her wet pink panties. I must surrender!

  12. Guerilla warfare is how we won the First revolutionary war against a superior force, and it’s how we will win this one.

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