Michael R. Pompeo: Groomed ‘Rino’ Interlocked With The British Pilgrims Society And Privy Council

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The Pilgrims Society has groomed every U.S. Secretary of State, War and C.I.A. director, since 1899, Elihu Root—cofounder of the Pilgrims Society in 1902

Pompeo’s predecessor is Henry Kissinger, vice president of the Pilgrims Society during the 2008 bank bailout 

Pompeo’s all-too-perfect resume trained him for the task of ruling as a Pilgrims puppet, just like the presidents before him, except Trump

They showed their hand when they fabricated aerospace and oil companies for Pompeo to run

His stepson, Nicholas, got too anxious to cash in; he just jumped to WestCap Financial this month, Oct. 2020, just before the election (a C.I.A.-controlled firm)

We have a mountain of evidence yet to link to this post. We decided to go ahead and post the write up so far while we continue to process the evidence.

Oct. 28, 2020—Mike Pompeo’s rise from obscurity to run the C.I.A., and now the State Department, illustrates perfectly how much the British Pilgrims Society (“Deep State”) is still in control of the U.S. government, even with President Trump in the White House.

These Pilgrims foment endless wars (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda, Kosovo, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, terrorism, false flags like 911, embassy bombings, Kansas City federal building, Sandy Hook, etc.) to seize property and power for an imperial corporate class, while hiding their agenda with propaganda, censorship, mind control, medical tyranny and ultimately depopulation of We the People.

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3 thoughts on “Michael R. Pompeo: Groomed ‘Rino’ Interlocked With The British Pilgrims Society And Privy Council

  1. Since the “pilgrims” to the “new world” landed on Plymouth Rock on ship from Plymouth in 1620, and with the “Plymouth Brethren” founded by Charles Nelson Darby of “Rapture” infamy as a core principal of Christian Zionism, and Christian Zionist Pompous Pompeo being from the Pilgrim Society….hmmmmm….is there a connection between the Pilgrim “Deep State” Society and Christian Zionism??? Hmmmmm…….

    1. The first town they lived in was called “Salem” & they burnt white female “witches” at the stake – that should at least tell you something about (((who))) these people were!

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