11 thoughts on “Michigan Gun Control Bills Introduced : Stand For MI Gun Rights

  1. Not one word about Bill of Rights, this guy is a phony. If your going to talk, walk strong first… a talking hula hoop…

    Picture Henry talking with this guy. LMAO!


      1. Bill of Rights says nothing about right or left, this guy wont shut up about it. Hes reading somebody else’s comment. He personal views are Republican or Democrat, he doesnt get it.

        He is off to good start, but he falls short. He leaves the commie door wide open.

        1. I understand that
          And you understand that

          This guy is trying to wake up people that don’t know what you and I do

          This isn’t a party issue
          It’s a war headed our way
          Some are aware
          No so much

          Bottom line
          We’re being set up for slaughter

          1. Sure would like to have him on Henry’s show, get him pointed in the right direction. Comment on his vid, see what happens..

    1. Just want to point out that for every 1000 views, a you tuber receives $7.00, this guy has 3.5 thousand subscribers, so everytime he posts a vid, hes getting around $21.00 guaranteed because of his subscribers, even more if somebody just clicks on.

      Always have to keep this in mind when watching a you tube vid. Not that it’s always the motivation, but when money comes to play, you have to wonder.

      When the cash comes into play, you have to evaluate for yourself I guess.These guys all shoot for the 10,000 subscriber mark.

      So if he comes onto Henry’s show, what will his subscribers do? That’s the money question, is this guy for real? Looks like hes growing his subscriptions fast.


      youtube monetization requirements

  2. Vote for local CORPORATE REPS. Bwahahahaaha!!! This guy needs to get the republican names of those that are on board with the red flag laws.

    “We have a narrow republican lead” blah, blah, blah. It’s all about the D’s. Soooooo sick of this freakin divide that people continue to fall for.

    I don’t care if he’s not up to snuff of what the Trenchers know cuz basically what we know is what ANYONE CAN AND SHOULD KNOW which is the perfectly definable & understandable Bill of Rights.

  3. This guy is my enemy. He ain’t bringin’ people into the fight; he’s pushin’ them to beg at the alter of our oppressors. His message paraphrased: Call your reps. Vote. Get more people to vote. Tell the Reps you’ll vote them out if they don’t do the right thing. Yeah, that’ll help.

    It’s complete validation and adoration of the system, the same system that has deceived us for decades. If he wasn’t so infuriating, he’d be laughable. I put him right in the same camp with Hodges and Mike Adams: CAMP TRAITOR. Mission: Keep the people subjugated. This is treason disguised as ally. Put him on the watch list, extreme watch.


    1. You know what ?

      This is hard to argue with

      I was trying to give this guy the benefit of the doubt
      But maybe I was too soft

      So many lost people out there that are still thinking we can vote our way out of this

      Thanks guys and gals for the wake up call

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