“Migrant Caravan” to US: First 90 Invaders Claim “Asylum” at San Ysidro Crossing

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The first 90 invaders from the “migrant caravan” who seek to illegally force their way into the United States by pretending to be “refugees” have presented themselves for processing at the San Ysidro border crossing between California and Mexico—and hundreds more are on their way.  

According to a report in the San Diego Tribune, a Mexican national from Michoacán “became a de facto leader of the group” and started “negotiating with U.S. officials about how many people could come into the port of entry and when.”

The report said that he, “with a few other volunteers, made a list throughout the day of those who wanted to ask for asylum. By mid-afternoon, the count was up to 388 and growing.”

“The situation is very bad here. We have a lot of problems,” the man said in Spanish to the San Diego Tribune journalist. “There’s a lot of violence in Mexico,” he added.

“I’d rather be locked up in the U.S. than killed here in Mexico,” he said.

As absurd as this claim to “asylum” obviously is, current US law states that if anyone who presents themselves at a border crossing claims that they are afraid to go back to their home countries, the officials must process them for asylum.

Their applications get “processed,” and if officers believe their claims, then they theoretically wait their turn for judges to hear their cases to make a final determination.

Of course, at this stage of the proceedings, most just “vanish” into their already established beachhead “communities,” having successfully swindled their way into the US.

Those tiny few who do show up for their hearings have to show that they have been persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a social group, such as a particular sexual orientation—something which is of course largely impossible, because their “asylum” claim is patently bogus to begin with.

The full numbers of the “migrant caravan” is expected to arrive in Tijuana later this week, although it is not yet clear exactly how many invaders it will compromise.

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2 thoughts on ““Migrant Caravan” to US: First 90 Invaders Claim “Asylum” at San Ysidro Crossing

  1. Okay, Anglos in California, get ready to come to Texas, plenty of land out here…just get your license plate changed to a Texas one really quick since cops out here tend to give tickets to folks with California license plates… Then those SJWs and La Raza types who want to wipe out whites even though they themselves are white mixed with Aztec or whatever can take over the state (and genocide the rest of the “mission bands” of whatever Native tribes that the “whites” already “genocided,” all for the sake of ‘Aztlan’) and California can then “secede” before it rejoins with Mexico as the “state” of Aztlan… Just hope they didn’t trash Ensenada on the way to San Ysidro..

    And, if you are black, there is always East Texas or Midland-Odessa. There are virtually no blacks in my neck of the woods, except some at Sul Ross State U.

  2. “There are virtually no blacks in my neck of the woods,…”

    True here too, DL.

    Not many Mexicans either, but a few more than there are blacks. Total 180 from L.A.

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